Luxe Facial in a Snap? Count Us In at Ling’s New Face Bar

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The modern woman wants her glam–but she wants it fast. The evidence is everywhere. Drybar and its many spawn dot the streets like Starbucks circa the early days of the millenium. We can order massage tables and yoga instructors to our living rooms on our iphones. Facials, apparently, hadn’t gotten the memo.

Let me be clear: facials are at the top of my list when it comes to an indulgence I consider worthy. A good facial is like a mini-vacation–plus, you leave glowing and there’s no risk of sunburn. However, they’re also time-consuming, and more importantly, can cost significantly upwards of a hundred bucks (… or more…)

Ling, who immigrated from Hong Kong, has operated her two spa locations for about 40 years, fusing ancient Asian rituals (think massaging in your serum with a jade roller, and acupressure techniques) with modern, science-backed ingredients. So, it’s with her years of experience and expertise (and the wrinkle-free skin to prove it) that she’s entering the beauty-in-a-snap space that’s become so popular these days.

For $50 bucks–and remember, that’s really just about $10 more than your average blowout, you can enjoy a 30 minute in-and-out facial. In spite of the short duration, the facial is quite purified and utilizes similar technology to the longer ones available in the back of the spa. At Face Bar, your clothes are on and you’re in a chair–and still, I wouldn’t call this facial mini.

My aesthetician and I discussed my skin’s needs for a few minutes before she mixed a cocktail of serums and double-cleansed my skin. The unique part comes next when the LING Energy Lift Machine enters the picture. This little handheld machine features a hot tourmaline stone which is at once, supremely relaxing, and as a quick, safe, and affordable alternative to plastic surgery.

The Energy Lift machine infuses far infrared ray energy into the skin. “Far infrared energy is a healing vibrational energy,” the very same warming and soothing energy emitted from the sun. “This energy is also “the same vibrational energy as our body’s internal energy, also known as ‘chi.’” That is to say, all the perks of laying out without any need for SPF.

“Far infrared energy will penetrate two-three inches beneath the surface of the skin to stimulate heat shock protein, which is essential for collagen production. Blood circulation is increased, thus aiding in detoxification to help clear the complexion, while the face is instantly contoured and rejuvenated.” So, once the half-hour treatment has worked its wonders, you can expect a de-puffed glowing complexion with Kardashian-esque facial contouring (and not a spot of cakey makeup).

A reminder that even great indulgences can come in small packages.

The Face Bar is at 12 E 16th St. Make your appointment here.

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