What To Pick Up For A Much-Needed Spring Beauty Refresh

Sunshine, is that you? This little peek of spring makes it all the more clear how ready we are for warmer weather. With that comes an eagerness to shed a few layers, toss a few old products, and show off some new hair, a lip color or two, and super fresh skin. So, without further ado, the six things we’re running to pick up this week to help lift our new spring spirits:

Lipstick Queen — Let Them Eat Cake — Oh sorry, are those purple sparkles on your lips? Glitter is usually wrong, but in the case of Lipstick Queen’s new spring shade (exclusive to Barney’s) it’s the only thing that seems right these days. And given our collective and perpetual Clueless obsession, it just makes sense. Sure, Lipstick Queen founder Poppy meant to invoke the fabulousness of Marie Antoinette with lilac and rose gold hues, but it’s actually totally Ambular. Just one swipe per customer, please.

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 3.24.01 PM

Diptyque — L’art Du Soin — To walk into a Diptyque-scented room is to walk into one of the better smelling places our world has to offer. With the introduction of facial skincare line, the candlemaker’s heavenly aromas can lead you around all day — just imagine a protective moisturizing lotion with both SPF 15 and a bouquet of Damask rose, orange blossom, and Petitgrain Paraguay — protection for both mind and body.

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 3.49.03 PM


Estée Lauder — Clear Difference Blemish Treatment — Spots pop up now and then, and we’re generally sent scrambling for a good spot treatment/lotion/concealer combination that will dry the right things out, leave the rest alone, and cover things up. It’s a tricky combo to get right, and it’s usually a waiting game. Not anymore — Estée’s new blemish treatment (launching in April) works basically before your eyes. Put it on at night, and wonder where the trouble spot even was to begin with, sans surrounding dryness, come morning. And it comes in a medical-looking applicator, so we look professional and like we know what we’re doing when it comes to bright, clear skin.



ghd — Eclipse — With the reintroduction of balmier weather we leave behind hats and the accompanying hair. We’re ready for something less effortless-looking, but still, you know, easy. Enter ghd’s new Eclipse styler. It sings when you turn it on. Curl, wave, or straighten things out, and quickly — this thing heats up in seconds to 365 degrees Fahrenheit , and the outside stays cool to the touch, even after you’ve been on the job for a half hour or so. Nastassja Kinski hair, here we come.

paris texas 6



OPI — Glitter Off Base Coat — Remember how we don’t like glitter usually? The bad taste likely has something to do with all the glitter left behind after spending three episodes of Looking attempting to wipe it off our nails. The relationship could be more amicable if it weren’t so darn clingy, and OPI is opening the door to new possibilities with Glitter Off, a base coat that you just peel away when you’ve had enough glitter. Relationship over, no mess, clean and simple.

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 4.10.40 PM


MAKE — Post-Impression Concept Collection — For the second time, beauty brand MAKE has collaborated with an artist to create a color collection, and this time it’s with photographer and filmmaker Erik Madigan Heck. The color collection pulls inspiration from abstract landscapes, and the eyeshadows and lipsticks pack a real punch of pigment, and true depth. You can’t be afraid of color to play in this pool — build up the molten shadow to a hyper creamy, glossy finish, or swipe on the mustard-colored powder shadow for a surprisingly flattering and unexpected look. It’s all good.

make makeend

Main image: Kate Moss photographed by Mario Testino

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