DKNY Hair Like Kendall Jenner Like FKA Twigs Like Chola Girl Style

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Wet, gelled to the head baby hairs — one of the many hairstyles to appear on the models in DKNY’s spring 2015 show. Whether today was the first time you saw them, or maybe it was back in 2012 when FKA Twigs covered i-D, they’re starting to stick, and I’m starting to really like seeing them.

Maybe it’s cultural re appropriation… but I don’t have a problem with being introduced to cultural aesthetics that educate one group about another in a way we can get excited about — not just tolerate. Maybe it isn’t exactly aspirational to want to be associated with Mexican gangbangers, but maybe (maybe?) these introductions’ll help humanize us all.


Anyway, before I ever heard her music, I was in love with Twigs. Her aesthetic was and is everything. She made me curious about a hairstyle and culture I hadn’t been familiar with before… and regardless of whether or not I’d try it out (I definitely wouldn’t try out the lifestyle), I can appreciate it (the hairstyle).

So I was into seeing it at Celine last fall… and LOVE‘s fall 2014 issue photographed by Phil Poynter and featuring models like Kendall Jenner…

And also pretty happy about seeing them in the DKNY show.

So what do you think? Spreading culture or inappropriate misappropriation?

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