Going All Night with Tom Ford and Ruby Woo

We’ve done our duty testing a few different lipsticks, grading them on their durability in various holiday situations, but after further experimentation, we have discovered the key to really making it through champagne, mistletoe, and four-course dinners with lipstick intact. In these cold winter months, you have to layer if you want to make it through the biting cold alive – and the same goes for your lip color.

After extensive research (I take this beauty stuff seriously,) I found that starting with a heavy-handed base of MAC’s vintage matte Ruby Woo, allowing it ample time to set, then following up with a lush Vampire Kiss from Tom Ford does the trick. Important to note: it may be named after Dracula’s counterpart but there’s nothing gothic about the Tom Ford color; t’s deep but cheery, and perfect for this time of year.

Four hours of dinner party conversation (including a sad toast to Paul Walker, the news of who’s death reached us mid-dinner,) several glasses of wine and a taste of port later, I’m happy to report that my lipstick remained surprisingly, impressively, fully in place. There was no end-of-the-evening-unintentional-lip-liner look happening – layering actually worked. Though the lipstick stayed on my lips, my wine glass also got its fair share of color. I’m not sure my host appreciated it, but I certainly liked knowing which glass was mine.

So will  you layer it on when going in for the long haul?

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