‘Tis the Season for Gloss(ier) and Glitter

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It’s been almost two months since Into The Gloss founder, Emily Weiss, and team launched Glossier, a brand I’ve been unabashedly psyched about. The mission was clear: skin first. A mantra: “skin is in,” and an idea to create “a highly edited collection of modern staples reflecting how you get ready every day, starting with the most important thing—a perfectly primed canvas (your skin!)—and working our way up.”

Well, the working our way up part is here in time for and in the spirit of the holidays. As Glossier puts it, “What do you do with the dewy, glowing face you get from using the Phase 1 Set when you have a party to go to? Decorate.”

A combo of subtle/unsubtle foil glitter liners, launched today in Glossier’s now signature cheeky packaging (the boxes read “we’re all snowflakes”) are sold in a metallic two-pack-punch so you never have to pick between silver and gold.

glossier foil liner box

And if you’re the type who’s okay with such things, perhaps you can even combine ’em. Get ’em here and be the golden girl at every celebration of the season. 

foil liner edit

Images courtesy of Glossier