Dive Into the Abyss With the Season’s Best Waterproof Beauty Products

Take a refreshing plunge with some great waterproof and water-resistant beauty products. Be inspired by nature and allow your imagination to run wild. Get into an aquatic frame of mind with a glamorous video starring model Frances Coombe, then scroll through four different looks and see how they were created. 






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BlackBook Video: The Aquatic Life


Look #1: Hydrate the lip with a bold, classic shade. 

Walter Obal Undersea Face 2

Aqua smoky Lash Mascara in black
Rouge Artist Natural lipstick in N50 Aubergine
Look #2: Turquoise eyes and a deep mouth paired together like brilliance of the seas and its dark abyss.
Walter Water Beauty 4
Use Black Aqua Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow as a base
Top with Star Powder in Turquoise 960 on the entire lid blending out toward the temples. Add a highlight on the inner eye with Star Powder in White/Turquoise 944. Finish with lining the inner eye (water line) with Aqua Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner in Matte Black OL-Black. Use Aqua Smoky Lash Mascara in Black.
Contour cheeks and temples with Sculpting Kit in 1-Tan/Pink porcelain.
Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil in Matte Dark Raspberry 11C on the entire lip for a dark matte finish.
Look #3: A golden pout against the dewy-wet lids inspired by the sun setting on the water.
Walter Water Beauty Closeup
Super Lip Gloss in Gloss for a wet look
Line lips with Kohl Pencil Eye Liner in Black 1K. Mix Metal Powder in Maize Gold 2-Coppery Gold Shimmer with Super Lip Gloss in Clear for a metallic glassy effect.
Look #4: Crystal Reflections give the appearance of the speckled light the sun reflects on the sea. 
Walter Obal Undersea 1
Crystals by Swarovski
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