Makeup Artist to Kate Moss Charlotte Tilbury’s Line Available in the States Today

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Makeup departments are far from empty. Every product in every color imaginable line the shelves of stores from Duane Reade to the proverbial ones at Net-a-Porter. But British makeup artist to the stars Charlotte Tilbury knows simply selling a good product isn’t enough in such an oversaturated market. Tilbury’s catchphrase is a case-in-point: “Give a woman the right make-up and she can conquer the world!” And lucky for us American girls, today’s the day we can get our hands on CT’s own line of truly world-conquering makeup.

Since moving back to NYC after a year living in London, I’ve devoted an unseemly amount of time to nursing my anglophile obsessions. There’s just something about the other side of the pond–British glamour is practical, unfussy, and extremely IDGAF-motivated. Tilbury’s line checks all those boxes; it is at once glamorous and practical. But, most importantly, it comes equipped with Charlotte’s know-how, a must for busy women everywhere.

Tilbury’s focus on ease is what sets her collection apart.

The tutorial based approach is printed onto the packaging itself, so you’re not left scrambling or googling long after you’ve thrown away the box. When I open my Filmstar Bronze and Glow Palette, I’m greeted with a tantalizing memo: “This is a secret that silver screen sirens have kept to themselves for years,” but not left without my own instructions telling me exactly where to bronze and where to glow. The Swish & Pop Blusher, as Charlotte notes, is meant to be as easy to apply “in the back of a taxi as it is in your bathroom mirror.”

The looks created by the 100+ items in the collection are categorized and inspired by 10 styles ranging from “The Ingenue” (see Alexa Chung) and “The Rock Chick” (for the Kate Moss/Cara Delevingne inclined), to “The Dolce Vita” (for Bey-hivers) to “The Bombshell” (for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley/Scarlett Johansson infused glamour).

‘Scuse me while I add the entire rest of the collection to my cart.