Central Park Dental Spa: The Pearly Gates of Pearly Whites

An estimated 75% of American adults suffer from odontophobia, a severe fear of dentistry, and still, few doctors improve upon the status quo to make their patients more comfortable. Enter Central Park Dental Spa, the crown jewel of enameled crowns. Led by Dr. Eda Ellis, the 7th-story dental practice sits on the southern tip of Manhattan’s Central Park—a perfect perch from which to spy the horse-drawn carriages without having to smell them.

Dr. Ellis, who was named one of America’s Top Dentists in 2007 by the Consumer’s Research Counsel of America, is so invested in putting her sugar-loving patients at ease that their descriptions of her work include such superlatives as “best,” “greatest,” and “absolute perfection.” Of course, this has much to do with her confident and unhurried precision, but also her practice’s decidedly contemporary flourishes: a twitter account brimming with oral hygiene tips (when it comes to flossing, “don’t skimp”), a waiting area accented with soothing candles and a four-foot waterfall, and a staff reflexologist who’ll take care of your feet while Dr. Ellis cleans your teeth. Best of all, Dr. Ellis doesn’t shy away from real talk, which means you’ll never leave her office with an unnaturally white smile or ridiculously artificial caps. In short, she gets to the, er, root of the problem.

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