Get V Blazed in Your V

All images via Foria

Tired of bowls? Do blunts give you a yucky cough? Do bongs make you embarrassed because they’re so phallic? Are you worried your edibles have too many calories? Well, gaaals, there’s a new way to ingest your marijuana in a more ladylike fashion! New from Foria is the first ever medical marijuana vaginal lubricant, a blend of coconut oil (Yeah! I know! That stuff is great for your hair!) and cannabis oil.

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Ok, sorry, no this isn’t some misogynist weird product like the Bic pen for her— this actually sounds like one of the chillest things that’s been invented in years. While you need a medical marijuana license to buy Foria, the lubricant won’t get you that high; the product works as a sort of female Viagra. According to Nerve, after using the product women experienced, “heightened sensation, warmth, tingling, or a sense of swelling or engorgement after using the weed-infused lube. Other women were turned on and hyper aware of the tightness of their genitals, which lead to a greater sexual pleasure.”  Essentially, you know how when you smoke a spliff and you start rubbing your friend’s buzz cut and it feels aaaaamazing? It’s like that, but it’s in your vagina and in your whole body.

Boys! Are you jealous yet? Well Foria hasn’t forgotten about you! You can get high via vagina too! The company’s founder, Matthew Gerson, made sure to note that coconut oil (the lubricant’s base) is 100% edible, and if ingested, Foria will get you very stoned. Are you catching my drift?

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