How to Cheat Botox: The Best Tricks and Treatments for Smooth and Plump Skin

Maybe you’re scared of needles, maybe you’d rather go a more natural route, or maybe you just want your dermatologist to think you’re creeping on the side. Whatever your reason, we’ve pulled together a wealth of luxurious topical solutions — creams, serums, balms and treatments — to smooth and plump, mimicking the best effects of Botox and fillers without any of the pins and pricks. By the time you’re through, you’ll look like you just came back from a nice, relaxing vacation


Individually Packaged Miracles
Dr. Jart Dermask Collection

Picture me, diligently applying face masks (two or three a day!) all for you. I’m not complaining — Dr. Jart has the sheet mask game on lock, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to guinea pig myself here. Because the instructions even order you to “relax” as one of the final steps, and doing so — with intensive hydrators, wrinkle diminishing serums, contouring and lifting hydrogel patches — is sincerely fabulous. Fillers, injections and lasers are the inspirations behind this series of masks. There are nine total: Vital Hydra Solution and Soothing Hydra Solution to mimic hyaluronic acid injections; Brightening Solution and Clearing Solution to mimic laser peels; Firming Solution and Wrinkless Solution to mimic INTRAcel; Cheek & Eye Lift, Neck & Chin Lift, Laught Line Lift to mimic Botox. Plus they’re just $6-$12 each. DO THESE NOW and thank me later.

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Botox in a Jar
111 Skin Celestial Black Diamond Eye Cream

For those concerned with pesky crows feet, here’s a super simple solution, easier than anything else to add to your skincare routine. This eye cream contains Argireline, a topical ingredient often touted as Botox in a jar, which inhibits muscle contractions. Fewer muscle contractions means fewer wrinkles. Give it just a week to start seeing results — it’s honestly amazing.

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When You Still Want Someone Else To Do All The Work
Trump Soho Alternative to Injectables Facial

At $395 (that’s on a weekday; on the weekend it goes up to $410), Botox might actually be cheaper BUT there’s something to be said for the beauty that relaxation induces all over your face. A 90-minute facial will do that for you. The Trump Soho’s Alternative to Injectables Facial will definitely do that to you, plus fill in any existing expression lines and wrinkles with a lipofiller, and relax any facial contractions with Inhibit, a complex formed with Natura Bissé’s Octamioxyl ingredient, massaged in on pressure points and traditional injection sites for real results.

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Better Than Going Full Kylie Jenner
Lip Plumping Serums from DuWop, Fusion Beauty and Too Faced

Option 1: LipFusion XXL Advanced Smoothing Contouring Primer 
Who doesn’t want big, juicy lips? This is not a one size fits all category. For instance, if you hate burning feelings, and you wear lots of lip color, try this primer to plump up, volumize and contour lips before swiping on some lipstick. Bonus: hydration.

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Option two: Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme
If you love a good burn and are into gloss, this one’s for you. This one gives visible results upon application that amplify (to a point) with continued use. Trick: wear it overnight to wake up with a bee-stung pout.

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Option three: DuWop Prime Venom
For when you’ve outgrown gloss, there’s the familiar cinnamon-mint sting you remember from your Lip Venom days of yore. It’s nearly matte/balm-shiny, which means discrete, and the burn is tolerable. It’s moisturizing too, so use it as you would a regular lip balm.

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The Vampire Solution
Rodial Dragon’s Blood XXL Advanced Sculpting Serum

If, unlike Kim Kardashian West, using your own blood to prolong your youth is unappealing, there’s this serum from Rodial containing dragon’s blood — not sourced from Khaleesi’s babies, but from a plant. It’s a blood-free alternative to the Vampire facial Kimmy popularized (or at least made its existence known). Tetrepeptides and a dragon’s blood complex plump up the skin, filling in wrinkles and increasing circulation in the skin. That means you’ll be glowing (just not red).

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