The Ultimate Summer Song Supercut: How We Danced 1985-2015

EVE Summer Song

Filmmaker Brendan Jay Sullivan compiles a Summer Song Supercut of every major hit since 1985.

How do you remember your favorite summer? Maybe the warm months of your sweet sixteen? It’s always the music. For some it was Madonna’s ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ in 1986. For others it was Nelly back in 2002— ‘Getting Hot In Here’ anyone?

As an a form of cultural critique, the “supercut” has emerged as one of the most powerful ways survey the audio-visual memes that define the pop landscape. Check out 30 years of Song of the Summer, from Tears for Fears to Madonna, to Beyonce, Nelly, and Nelly Furtado. (Remember her?)


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Checkin’ Out That Original Swedish Snus Style

Sponsored by Swedish Match Snus

You may have noticed the circular imprint in the back pocket of your Swedish friend’s jeans when you met up with him in Stockholm for that snowboarding trip. Or when you went backstage after seeing the Johnossi play at Webster Hall; or in Malibu after a day of surfing, when you ended up grilling at the home of a bunch of impossibly blond new friends.


It’s the mark of a tin of snus, the Swedish smokeless tobacco product, a discreet little white pouch of fresh tobacco meant to be placed behind the lip. No smoke, no mess, simple–clean and minimal like so much of the Scandinavian lifestyle. Perfect with friends in any environment, from flying off a snowy cliff face to finishing up a celebratory meal.


In America, snus is just catching on, imported from Sweden not just by friends anymore, but by the companies that make the best product, including our favorite, General Snus. Their formula is the original, produced in Sweden since 1850. It’s about freedom and adventure–and a certain Scandinavian minimalist élan.

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Playing The Character Versus Playing Yourself #Rectify

With the second season of Rectify kicking off, it’s a good time to turn to the cast and find out their take on aspects of the show. To that end, we asked Aden Young, Clayne Crawford, and Abigail Spencer a loaded question: who in the cast is most like their character?

Aden takes his time to weigh all of his options, but right off the bat: Not Me! Neither are Adelaide Clemens nor Clayne Crawford anything like their characters. However, Abigail can be very much like Amantha, because she is “feisty and loyal”. The same is true for Bruce McKinnon, Teddy Sr., he has a quiet strength, which Aden credits to his “knowledge, experience, and confidence” as an actor. And in a bit of tease, Aden tells us Season 2 takes Jared, played by Jake Austin Walker, in a direction that gives Aden pause as to whether Jake and Jared are that similar after all. (Can’t wait to see what thats all about!)

Clayne agrees with Aden that its Abigail who has the most in common with Amantha, and describes her in similar terms as “strong, independent, and outspoken”. He also senses that Adelaide and Tawny have precious little in common: Adelaide is far more worldly and far less naïve than Tawny, which speaks to her ability as an incredible actress since she’s able to convey such a sheltered persona.

Abigail, true to form and character, doesn’t argue with Aden and Clayne: “It’s me!”
But like Aden and Clayne, she underscores the fact that the other actors are unlike their characters to an astounding degree.

TL;DR – Abigail is a lot like Amantha, and though there may be some small similarities between the other actors and their characters, most of them are doing what they do best: acting.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited for Rectify Season 2

After a cliffhanger that left us gasping, Rectify, one of our favorite shows on television, is finally back. Get excited and tune in to SundanceTV on June 19th at 9/8c for the highly anticipated second season. Season 2 continues to follow the journey of Daniel Holden, a man whose murder conviction is vacated upon a technicality, landing him back in the small southern town he came from after 19 years on death row. Although he knows he needs to put the past behind, his presence has a ripple effect on everyone around him

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Still not convinced? Well, you should be, and here’s why:

1) We can’t wait to see J. Smith-Cameron return to Paulie, Georgia for another powerful performance as Janet Talbot, a mother who has gone through hell for her son and continues to struggle to keep him safe. Incidentally, we loved her in that other southern gothic drama in which her character was part of a fraught mother-son relationship. (Of course on True Blood her son was a supernatural shape shifting human-dog, which further complicated matters.)

2) After loving last year’s southern crime drama Ain’t Them Bodies Saints, we’re excited to see how prolific director and editor David Lowery translates his cinematic talents for the small screen when he directs episode four of the season.

3) We’re anxiously anticipating how Aden Young’s powerfully restrained portrayal of Daniel Holden evolves over what is now a 10 episode season. His combination of moral ambiguity and compelling magnetism grips you in a way few other shows or characters can.

4) Rectify offers one of the most honest, straight forward portrayals of Southern small town life we have ever seen. Forget all the typical over blown caricatures of stereotypical backwoods hicks. This is a deep, multi-faceted, character driven story that offers a compelling portrait of a striving middle class family coping with extraordinary circumstances.

5) Season 1 was only 6 episodes making it the perfect length to binge on leading into season 2.


The Top 5 Moments from Rectify Season One

Rectify, one of our favorite new shows on television, is back on SundanceTV for a second season full of heart-wrenching and intense moments. As the story of a man whose murder conviction is vacated upon a technicality, he lands back in the small southern town he came from after 19 years on death row. The next chapter in the story will feature another season of great performances from actors we love like J. Smith-Cameron and Aden Young to directors like David Lowery. And if you haven’t yet seen Rectify, it’s 6 episode first season makes it super easy to catch up on before the season 2 premiere. As you watch, make sure to keep an eye out for these 5 pivotal scenes:

1 – There is a big difference between wanting it and meaning it. The whole family is there, but the difference between Amantha’s hug and Mom’s hug could not be starker. Amantha runs for her brother, while Janet looks like she is forcing herself, until she finally lets go, and hugs her son. In those two reactions the entire first season dynamic is set.

2 – One of the key reasons why we love this show is how it portrays power, and this scene encapsulates that dynamic better than any other. That cop represents power in its most arbitrary form: the power to protect and the power to condemn. But Amantha, the seemingly powerless sister, is doing all she can to protect her brother from the system that, as she sees it, robbed her brother of the last 19 years of his life and has even come after her—the same cop followed her in an earlier episode. She is angry at the system, and all it has put her family through.

3 –How can you connect with someone whose experience is so fundamentally different from what you know? It’s at the church BBQ that Tawney finally gets to know what Daniel has been going through, and when they connect, Aden Young delivers one of the most powerful lines in the whole season: “It does something to you, not to be touched in any positive way for so long.”

4 –You knew it was coming all season. Ted Jr. was never about to let Daniel back into the fold. But how it happens plays to the show’s strengths of being “forcefully restrained.”

5 – Cowards come in packs of 4 or more—these guys came with 5. In many ways this scene in the cemetery is the inverse of the previous episode’s fight between Ted Jr. and Daniel. This was raw, visceral, and completely unrestrained. And again, you knew it was coming sooner or later. Many people, maybe even most of the people in Paulie, still believe that Daniel is guilty. And if the Law will not provide the justice they seek, the mob will.

To catch up on all of Season 1, head over to NetflixAmazon, or iTunes.