Evidently This New Anti-Gravity Sleep Bra Will Change Your Life

Night Lift Bra

We’re always a little worried when it’s a man designing bras, but…from the guy who knows breasts inside and out—literally—Dr. Randal Haworth has officially engineered the anti-sag sleep bra.  He’s performed over 2000 boob jobs, lifts, and beyond, at his private practice in Beverly Hills, and now he’s made a bra that every chick and her boyfriend can rejoice over… Happy National Underwear Day!

8 Super Hot Movie Water Scenes to Start Your Summer Off Right

Phoebe Cates in Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Emerging from the pool and ocean, here are Bond girls, Denise Richards, Marilyn Monroe and more in hot movie scenes you need to see to start summer right.

Summer: the time of year when the world is your oyster, especially as you inevitably make your way to the beach and into the water, tide breaking around you — in slow motion, of course. To celebrate the hot season, we pulled together eight hot movie water scenes that’ll teach you exactly how it’s done. Here, get some sun-soaking inspiration courtesy of these movies, replete with bikini babes emerging from water. They’ll have you soaking wet and whipping that hair all weekend long. See you at the beach.


“Hi Brad. You know how cute I always thought you were…” Phoebe Cates, Fast Times At Ridgemont High


“Nice Stroke…” Denise Richards, Wild Things


Marilyn Monroe, Something’s Got To Give (at 22:30, 18:13)

Marilyn Monroe Movie – Something’s Got To Give (The Restoration) 1962 Widescreen & Musical Score from Marilyn Monroe on Vimeo.


“When it’s big like that, I just love to ride it hard and rough.” Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore, Charlie’s Angels


“Beowulf. It has been a long time since a man has come to visit me.” Angelina Jolie, Beowulf


“I promise I won’t steal your shells.” “I promise you you won’t ether.” Ursula Andress, James Bond, Dr. No


Brigitte Bardot and Jean Louis Trintignant, And God Created Women


“Okay, yeah, I would create a fake family for that!” Brooklyn Decker, Just Go With It


Romancing the Runway: 10 Boudoir Designers to Watch

Photo: Aria Isadora: BFAnyc.com

Whether you’re curvy or petite, these ten designers have you covered. From playsuits to lace, menswear to lounge wear, here are ten designers to wear at home, and underneath it all, from this week’s Lingerie Fashion Night, ‘Romancing The Runway.’

Best in Fit: Wacoal

Best in Loungewear: Eberjey

Best in Black Lace: Ajour

Best in Color and Floral: Panache

Best in Timelessness: Maison Lejaby
Maison Lejaby1 Maison Lejaby2

Best in Design: Van de Velde
Van de Velde3

Best Colored Lace: Simone Perele
Simone Perele5 Simone Perele6

Best in Menswear: Blackspade
Black Spade0 Black Spade8 Black Spade9

Best Playsuit: Bendon

Best in Simplicity: Commando

“I Was Born This Way,” Claims Lingerie Barbie

On January 1st, 2001, Barbie was caught scantily clad in lingerie, taking photos of herself on the artificial lawn outside of her mansion in Malibu. With her was an extremely large accomplice who was dressed similarly in lingerie by She & Reverie. The controversial doll, which some mothers will not even allow in their homes, was apprehended and charged with indecent exposure. Fourteen years later, Barbie is finally speaking out about the incident, giving us her first exclusive.


Barbie, explain how were you caught outdoors, wearing lingerie?

I don’t see what the big deal is; they’re going to take my clothes off anyway.

But Barbie —

Don’t Barbie me, that’s not even the worst of it. You have no idea what its like to be me! Sometimes I get brought home and within a week they’ve ripped my hair out and I’m missing a limb! I’ve even been the victim of decapitation–you try surviving that.

You and your accomplice were caught wearing lingerie designed by She & Reverie. Why that particular brand?

She & Reverie is for the whimsical dreamer! What do you think I represent!? I drive a pink convertible and my pony poops rainbows.

Why did you choose those particular pieces?

Well, my friend Kbunny and I were doing a lingerie shoot, and I totally love ALL of their stuff! In particular, I am a huge fan of their sixties sun top in chiffon rose, because we all know I love the color pink, and the ‘60s was a great time in my life. That’s when I became an astronaut.

Anyway, for the lingerie shoot I thought her scalloped bralette was absolutely adorable, and I love those high-waisted garter shorts! I’ve always found a high waistline to be the most flattering. The pieces are also incredibly comfortable, and I refuse to wear lingerie that isn’t comfy.

Also, while I love to dress in any given decade’s trends, when it comes to lingerie, I think it should be timeless, and She & Reverie is inherently timeless.


You’re a Malibu girl, so what made you choose a brand that is proudly manufactured in New York City?

My friend Kbunny is a New Yorker, and she was in town to visit, so I guess I felt inspired. Plus, I just love New York. I wrote a whole book about my first summer in the big city back in 1962, and my store in Times Square is off the hook.

You claim to be innocent, but you refused to stay in jail overnight.

I refuse to sleep anywhere other than my Malibu Dream House. My bestie, Jonathan Adler, recently redesigned the whole place. It looks sick.

But your bail was set at an astounding $50,000. Why not stick it out over night and avoid the fee?

Well, considering I’m a multi-million dollar empire, I’ve sold over a billion of myself, and two of me sell every second of everyday, I can’t say I was sweating it. I don’t sweat anything, literally.

How did Ken feel about the hefty bond?

Who gives a flying flamingo what Ken thinks?! Let’s face it, I’m the bread winner here. I was worth millions before Ken even came into the picture. You know something, I just posed for the 50th anniversary issue of Sports Illustrated, and of course the anti-Barbie squad flipped a daisy over it. I had to write a whole essay defending myself, meanwhile, what they fail to realize is that I’m one of the greatest business women of all time! Not to mention an American Icon! I think they should learn to be a little less judgmental.

Well, Barbie, they take issue with your image. They feel you are too fake looking and artificial.

Not true, I was born this way.

They feel your proportions are unrealistic to the true female form.

Okay, well the next time their kid asks for a teddy bear, I want them to say, “I’m sorry honey, bears just aren’t that soft and cuddly in the real world. Their torsos are much different and they have big scary teeth. It’s best you learn that now.” I’m a flipping doll for crying out loud.


Well Barbie, you were caught wearing lingerie on your lawn in Malibu. What kind of image are you trying to convey, exactly?

You know something, when my mother (COUGH COUGH!) made me, she said, “My whole philosophy of Barbie was that through the doll, the little girl could be anything she wanted to be. Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices.”

What do I represent? I’m here to remind girls everywhere to believe in their dreams because they can do anything they set their minds to!

My resume is thicker than a phone book.That’s what these haters seem to forget. I’m here to remind girls that any career is within reach. I’ve had over 108 careers myself! I was the first female American astronaut in 1965, three time presidential candidate, I’ve been an architect, doctor, champion equestrian, baker, art teacher, entrepreneur, soccer star, fashion designer, fashion editor, and I recently became a Sea World trainer. Do you know how many movies I’ve stared in?! I’m even a flipping philanthropist for pink’s sake! I mean, what else do you want from me?! I’m the number one selling doll in the world.

Your new friend is extremely large. Why not play with someone your own size?

I’ve always wanted to be big.

Well Barbie, thank you for doing this interview. I think our readers will really appreciate you addressing the incident, and we are so happy to have you in our lives. Playing dress up starts with lingerie, and we love to play dress up. Do you have any last words you would like to share?

Yes. Everybody knows I have a lot of clothes, but when you criticize someone, just remember, no matter how many pairs of pumps they might have, whatever’s happening is not happening to their pumps, it’s happening to the person who wears them.  So put yourself in my heels before you go glitter bombing me.


At heart, I’m a romantic dreamer girl. Take a moment to see the world through rose colored glasses. Like a budding peony, my heart blossoms in these whimsical designs, and I love them for it.


Styling, hair, makeup, model, and photography, all by Katrina Eugenia. 

5 Hottest Commercials Bringing Sex to TV

Kylie Minogue in Agent Provocateur

The use of lingerie in these five commercials will surprise you with their controversial seduction. From super model Adriana Lima, to Kylie Minogue’s scantily clad, banned from TV, mechanical bull riding attire , you won’t regret checking out the very creative ways these commercials brought the sex to television advertising like never before.

Go Daddy

Kia — Drive the Dream

TeleFlora — Valentine’s Day

Miller Lite — Cat Fight

Kylie Minogue for Agent Provocateur

Celebrate National Underwear Day with These Steamy Commercials

Still from Penelope Cruz’s Agent Provocateur AW14 commercial

Steamy, sexed up, and over the top, these three commercials bring the ‘unmentionables’ to the next level, making them unforgettable in television history — some have even been banned. From Penelope Cruz’s lingerie rendezvous to vegetarian bombshells, these commercials embody what National Underwear Day is all about.

3. PETA’s Veggie Love — BANNED 

2. Victoria’s Secret Christmas

1. Written and directed by Penelope Cruz for Agent Provocateur 


10 Epically Hot Lingerie Moments in Music Video History

Still from Madonna’s “Justify My Love”

Most of the artists on this list have worn lingerie in a number of their videos; these are musicians who broke records, the rules, and raised the bar for sex appeal in music videos. By the time you’ve finished watching them all, you’ll be dancing in your underwear.

Madonna “Justify My Love”
The most iconic lingerie moment in music video history; the video that broke every rule and changed the game forever. 

The White Stripes “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself”
The White Stripes, Sofia Coppola, and Kate Moss: the perfect formula for an extraordinary pole dancing sensation.

Britney Spears “My Prerogative”
What’s a music-video lingerie-list without the pop princess?

George Michael “I Want Your Sex”
1980s lingerie at its best.

Sisqo “Thong Song”
An entire song dedicated to that specific and iconic piece of lingerie that we all love…

Lady Gaga “Alejandro”
Steven Klein and Gaga were the ultimate combination of artistic minds that made this music video dynamite. The lingerie featured in this video is ever so fitting.

Rihanna “Pour It Up”
To see Rihanna shake it in this lingerie, I’d throw all my dollars bills…

Eric Prydz “Call On Me”
Sports bras count for lingerie too, especially when they look like this.

Beyoncé “Partition”
Beyoncé takes lingerie to a whole new level as she seduces us with decadent diamond thongs and regal lingerie masterpieces.

Snoop Dogg “Sensual Seduction”
Lingerie’s best moment in a period piece music video. Bravo to Snoop Dogg for this fabulous 1970s-inspired video.

Chris Isaak “Wicked Game”
Romance and lingerie…. A lingerie poem.

10 Sexiest Cinematic Lingerie Moments

From prostitutes to prudes, violence to old world Hollywood boudoir, the moments of lace and leather in these films take the cake for most individual, and they will have you on the edge of your seat. Enjoy.

Moulin Rouge

9 1/2 Weeks

The Wolf of Wall Street

Dinner at Eight

Forrest Gump


Wild Things

Mr. and Mrs. Smith


The Seven Year Itch

Romancing the Lace at Kiki De Montparnasse

Lingerie connoisseur Katrina Eugenia tries a few looks on at Kiki De Montparnasse.

Kiki De Montparnasse creates a timeless atmosphere of dazzling romance and seduction, the ultimate enchanting and intimate experience. Whenever I find myself running around Soho, I have to make time for this velvet utopia. Kiki De Montparnasse will send your romantic imagination soaring as you shop for everything from their sophisticated lingerie-inspired ready to wear, lingerie collections, lounge wear, to bath and body products, exquisite jewelry, and incredible library of inspiring art books. The embodiment of their belief that love, beauty, and fulfillment are vital to our existence is ever so present once you’ve stepped inside.

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