Tech Vlogger iJustine on Her Motto, Spirit Emoji + New Memoir



In the fall of 2011, Justine Ezarik traveled to Norway to take part in an event hosted by the Web browser Opera. While there, she thought it would be fun to meet a few of her international fans and decided to organize an impromptu get-together. “I tweeted about having a meet-up, and I thought if 20 people showed up that would be really cool,” she says. What she didn’t anticipate were the hundreds of screaming fans who would heed her call and come running — literally — to meet their Web idol, blocking traffic and shutting down streets in the process. “Until that moment I didn’t realize how global it is,” she says. Since then, Ezarik, who is more commonly known online as iJustine, has leveraged her international appeal, growing her audience to nearly 4 million YouTube subscribers across five channels.


What’s one motto you live by?

“Just do it” …a little something I’ve borrowed from Nike 🙂


What’s your most prized possession?

An autographed Nintendo 3DS by Shigeru Miyamoto.


What career accomplishment are you proudest of?

As soon as my book is out [Ed. note: Justine’s memoir, I, Justine: An Analog Memoir, hit shelves on 6/2], that will be on the top of the list for sure! Currently: climbing a glacier.


What’s the first thing people notice about you?
I would hope that it’s a good conversation! I love meeting new people and learning about some of their fun stories. I also usually get asked about what camera I’m using since a lot of times I’ll be out and about filming or covering various events. 
What was your favorite defunct social media platforms?
One of my favorites was DailyBooth — it was sort of a daily random photo sharing site that allowed you to reply back to peoples photos with your own photos. It was so much fun! 
What do you do when your internet goes down? 
Usually you’ll find me on the phone crying to the cable company until the issue is resolved. Or I’ll just use that as a nice excuse to not do any work — take a walk, or a nap and hope it returns soon!
What’s your favorite internet meme?
I started one a long time ago that I just remembered;  it’s called #whaleface — every Wednesday we used to take really unflattering downward angle selfies with a weird wild small smirk that would sorta look like a whale. 
If you had to describe yourself in one emoji, what would it be?
Oh, definitely the crying laughing emoji. That’s basically me every single day. 
What’s your most squee moment?
Actually this happened pretty recently while on my book tour at BookCon. I was taking photos and signing copies of my book and I turned around to see R.L. Stine signing books right next to me!! I was so excited, and he was kind enough to take a photo with me as well. I grew up reading all of his books so it was really surreal. 
Tell us a little about your memoir: How did it come to fruition? What was the hardest part to write? Did you have fun?
It has a lot of fun behind the scenes stories from things I’ve never shared online. It also follows the rise of social media into the mainstream and how I’ve used it to create an audience. That was never something I had intended to do, but I just found it so fun and fascinating how these platforms give us such immediate access to the world. A lot of the success I’ve found comes from truly just being passionate about connecting with people.
The hardest part of writing for me was really trying to get a sense of the audience I was writing for. I wanted this to be something that anyone could pick up and relate to, but also make sure there were enough engaging stories for people who have been following me for the past 10 years online to enjoy.
What do you hope people take away from your memoir? 
I hope that people will finish I, Justine and feel inspired with their journey in life. This is only one small part of mine, and I’m excited to see how each reader will be able to relate some part of my story in their own. 
What’s coming up next for you that you’re excited about? 
After the book tour, we’ll be working on a movie! We’ll have more details about that soon but look for it to be released around Halloween. Of course I’ll always be creating tons of content on my YouTube channels and tweeting about coffee in the meantime. 
Finally, what do you want to be remembered for?

Ah yeah, Justine. She was very nice.

Jen Selter Interview: You Will Never Guess Her Biggest Fear

Forget Kim Kardashian; if there’s ever been a bum to break the Internet, it belongs to Jen Selter. Although you might not know her name, there’s no doubt you’re familiar with the backside of this 21-year-old who’s taken Instagram by storm, posting photos of her pert posterior. Now with over 5.5 million followers, the fitness model is ready to take her career beyond still images and social media. “I want my fans to really get to know me and my backstory, beyond my social platforms,” Selter says. “Many of my followers have never heard the sound of my voice or know that I wasn’t always the strong confident person you see on my Instagram account today.” js image

Photo: Jen Selter

What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

That I’m always smiling!  People assume they know my personality from my pictures and that I never smile.  My friends and family know that outside of a shoot setting, I’m always smiling and laughing.

What’s one thing everyone should do before they die?

I love to travel, especially to escape the cold weather during winters like this!  Great to get away, try something new outside of your comfort zone, and experience another culture.  You’ll discover things about yourself you would never know otherwise!

What’s one of your biggest fears? 

I have a major fear of vomit –  everything about it.  It has a clinical term as a recognized phobia – Emetophobia.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have never thrown up in my life and I hope that stays true forever.

What accomplishment are you proudest of?

My Career – I have worked hard and now I’m able to share my passion and motivate others to also live a fulfilling and healthy life.  Anything is possible when you push yourself to achieve your goals

Who’s the biggest influence in your life?

 My family – 100%.  They are my support system and I always turn to them when I’m seeking advice.

What do you want the next phase of your career to look like?

In 2015, I want my fans to really get to know me and my backstory, beyond my social platforms.  Many of my followers have never heard the sound of my voice or know that I wasn’t always the strong confident person you see on my Instagram account today.  I’ll be expanding into video and working with brand partners to further share my passion for fitness and motivating others.

Saturday @gymlooks #FitFashion

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What advice would you give to someone that wants to establish themselves as a digital personality?

Never let negativity win.  There will always be bullies and haters, especially as you continue to rise in popularity.  It’s up to the individual to persevere.  Keep doing YOU.

With a constant influx of new talent and personalities to Instagram and Twitter how do you keep your brand fresh and your fans engaged?

I always stay true to myself and my fans.  It’s imperative to know your brand and make sure that everything you do aligns with that brand.  Everything shared with my fans through social media is genuine, organic, and authentic.  I keep my profiles “clean” – I will not partner with a brand or cause that I don’t personally stand behind 100% and use in my everyday life.

Joey Graceffa Interview: Loves Jennifer Lawrence Even More Than Tina Fey And Kristen Wiig

Photos: @Joeygraceffa on Instagram 

When Joey Graceffa went online with noisy dial-up for the first time, he couldn’t have fathomed that one day he would get famous by posting videos of himself playing video games. Years later, his YouTube channel stands strong, with over a million subscribers just waiting for the chance to watch him play Minecraft. “Something you wish for when you’re a kid is to get paid to play video games, and the fact that that’s part of my job is really awesome,” he says, laughing.


But gaming is only a fraction of his YouTube universe. “Seeing my world come to life is definitely what I love to do,” he says. On his main channel, Graceffa commands a staggering 4.4 million subscribers who tune in to see whatever he serves up. At only 23 years old, it’s clear this bright young star has only begun to imagine what his digital universe might look like.

“These are the questions that you ask somebody when you think you’re gay but you just really wanna know for sure…” Joey’s most-watched video has 6,966,012 views