Drop Everything and Beyoncé: “Yours and Mine” Short Film Out Today

Photo: Matteo Prandoni/BFAnyc.com 

Beyoncé has released a new 10 minute short film covering fame, feminism, and her personal life in “Yours and Mine”. The film, which marks the one year anniversary of the Beyoncé album drop, combines new and old video footage as Beyoncé discusses her humanist life-view.

Whether you’re a card-carrying Bey-Hive member or not, the film makes for a genuine and reflective look on what it means to be human, complete with beautiful production value and even some footage of Beyoncé dancing (thank God).

Check it out below for your end-of-week dose of Queen Bey wisdom.

The 12 Instagrams of Christmas: The Fashion World Gets Festive

The holidays are for festive celebrations, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (obviously), and enviable accessories (whether you give them or get them for yourself is up to you). Check out what’s new this week!

A photo posted by Eva Chen (@evachen212) on

That ring! Gabriela Artigas, we swoon.

A photo posted by Vogue Paris (@vogueparis) on

Holiday makeup, not for the weak.

A photo posted by @framenoir on


2014: Year of the Power Combo.

A photo posted by Valentino (@maisonvalentino) on

Looks a lot like Solange’s wedding…

A photo posted by Vogue (@voguemagazine) on

Royals in NYC!

A photo posted by W magazine (@wmag) on

How to get zesty with an otherwise all-black winter wardrobe.

A photo posted by @karliekloss on

In case you managed to avoid Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the Internet, and all of humanity on Tuesday.

A photo posted by Jane Aldridge (@seaofshoes) on

Young Jane Aldridge as Coco Chanel — adorable.

A photo posted by Joan Smalls (@joansmalls) on

Another month, another bitchin’ Balmain ad.

Enviable baubles.

Not even surprised anymore.

13 Holiday Weekend Instagrams to Ease you Back Into the Internet

For those of you who ignored the internet for longer than 24 hours this holiday weekend, you may have missed out on some key instagram posts. Fear not, for they are compiled below for your viewing pleasure.

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‘Tis the season for risqué Santa gear.

A photo posted by THE ROW (@therow) on

The Row always with the covetable clothes.

A photo posted by dazedmagazine (@dazedmagazine) on

Kendall, so hot right now.

A photo posted by Paper Magazine (@papermagazine) on

Wish my Thanksgiving was this glam.

A photo posted by Valentino (@maisonvalentino) on

Dream team.

A photo posted by Vogue (@voguemagazine) on

Ah, to have more than one good side.

A photo posted by Tommy Ton (@tommyton) on

Angel Class with Victoria’s Secret– does the in-flight bag include underwear? 

A photo posted by W magazine (@wmag) on

Hope you’re not sick of enviable coats.

A photo posted by @karliekloss on

Almost showtime!

A photo posted by i-D (@id_magazine) on

A non-dark-colors wintery make-up look for December.

A photo posted by Vogue España (@voguespain) on

Now there’s a headpiece.

Very pleased to find out I have similar loungewear preferences to the Queen.

A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on


Top 10 Most Glamorous Fashion Instagrams from This Weekend

Besides that ultra-glamorous wedding of Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson, it seems it was a relatively quiet weekend for the fashion set. But that’s no reason to not document an outfit. Check out some of the greatest looks below.

A photo posted by In My World. (@therealoliviap) on

Another day another enviable outfit from Olivia Palermo.

A photo posted by Valentino (@maisonvalentino) on

Valentino, forever slaying me with the accessories.

A photo posted by Tommy Ton (@tommyton) on


A photo posted by @karliekloss on

Trade legs with me for the day plz. 

A photo posted by Who What Wear (@whowhatwear) on

Friends who wear complementary outfits together stay together.  

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Congratulations to Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson!

Naomi Campbell, enough said.

I spy palm trees. Take me to there.

A photo posted by Pari Ehsan (@paridust) on

50 Shades of Grey, with some blue.

A photo posted by FKA twigs (@fkatwigs) on

Another all-white group shot, this time from FKA Twigs.

If Fine Leather Goods Had a Sound, This Would Be It

Mitch Alfus’s company, Libra Leather, is the go-to source for exotic leather and skins for the city’s top designers — everyone from Alexander Wang, Ralph Lauren, Phillip Lim and more go to Libra Leather for the goods. It’s about time, then, that he opened up a store of his own for us to peruse. From November 20th until the end of January, you can check out Libra Leather Home pop-up in Tribeca to shop everything from homeware, men’s and women’s accessories, and even skateboards and bicycles.

To celebrate the opening of the pop-up, Alfus put together a playlist just for us that represents the different moments of his life and define who he is as a person today. Listen in, below.

Libra Leather Home opens with a celebratory bang on November 20th from 7-10 p.m., and will be open through the end of January from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Libra Leather Home is located at 72 Franklin Street.




Images courtesy of Libra Leather Home

Glow with the Flow: Hot Yoga for the Raver in All of Us

Photo: Amy Taub

Hot yoga is not always fun. I know it’s supposed to be good for getting into those bendy yoga positions, and sweating out toxins is always a good thing, but it can get a little stifling, to say the least.

Glow with the Flow yoga at Pure Yoga is the gateway class for getting into hot yoga. The studio space is filled with black lights, and slow-tempo house music plays throughout the session. Yogis are provided neon bracelets or even neon body paint to make the class that much more fun. Maybe I’m still in my rave phase and/or easily distracted by pretty lights, but I actually enjoyed the class and got a great work-out.

Of course, you have to wear something fun to a class like this. White or light colors that will glow with black light are a must. Leggings by Onzie and Candida Maria are super comfy and come in dozens of wild prints. They’re also incredibly light-weight–perfect for an hour-long hot yoga session. We decided to pair our over-the-top leggings with more basic sleeveless tops that would allow for a graceful hot yoga sweating process. We chose tried-and-true Lululemon and Athleta tops for a similarly light-weight and airy feel. Check ’em out below.


IMG_1493Photo by Amy Taub

Ballroom Marfa Benefit Gala 2014: Film, Fashion, and Art Unite

All Photos: Benjamin Lozovsky/BFAnyc.com 

Texas comes to New York City for the annual Ballroom Marfa Benefit Gala. Check out the cool mix of art / fashion / film world attendees below.

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Fairfax Dorn

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Douglas Friedman, Martha Stewart

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Luke Wilson

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Jessica Hart

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Jenny Laird, Hunter Hill, Lacey Dorn

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Roya Sachs, Reed Krakoff, Lacey Dorn

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Allison Sarofim, Naomi Campbell

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Sofia Coppola

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014William Laird, Trey Laird, Jenny Laird

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Rambert Rigaud, Peter Copping

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014Peter Saul, Sally Saul

BALLROOM MARFA Benefit Gala 2014
Lauren Santo DomingoDustin YellinAndres Santo Domingo


19 Amazing Instagrams You Might Have Missed, Or, “Several Outfits I Wish I Owned”

A photo posted by Eva Chen (@evachen212) on

Tiffany’s looking awesome when piled on.

A photo posted by Vogue (@voguemagazine) on

Really appreciate how these are color-coded!!!

A photo posted by MARIO TESTINO (@mariotestino) on

Beautiful shot by Mario Testino.

A photo posted by LOVE (@thelovemagazine) on

Guy Fawkes Night.

A photo posted by Valentino (@maisonvalentino) on

How to do cozy and dressed up at the same time.

A photo posted by Tommy Ton (@tommyton) on

An enviable sock collection.

A photo posted by Miroslava Duma (@miraduma) on

Complete and total outfit envy here.

A photo posted by Who What Wear (@whowhatwear) on

And here.

A photo posted by GIVENCHY (@givenchyofficial) on

Happy belated, Kendall!

A photo posted by i-D (@id_magazine) on

Big Beyoncé news, folks. Google it.

A photo posted by Vogue España (@voguespain) on

Hats styled right by Vogue Spain.


A photo posted by Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid) on

I call this outfit, “Alien Princess Parties on Earth” and I love it.

Currently brainstorming a way to wear this look… ideas?

Behind the scenes.

Alexander Wang for H&M. By the time you are reading this, I’ll bet it’s completely sold out (despite hitting stores less than a week ago).

A photo posted by Pari Ehsan (@paridust) on

Some post-Halloween creepiness.

A photo posted by Jane Aldridge (@seaofshoes) on

Fall school-girl vibes, although I don’t know any school-girls that actually dress this cute.

Now that’s what I call a power couple.

Coco Rocha Schools Seth Meyers in the Art of Posing

Photo: David X Prutting/BFAnyc.com

Coco Rocha stopped by “Late Night with Seth Meyers” to give him a bit of schooling on the art of posing. In promotion of her new book, A Study of Pose, Rocha and Meyers took suggestions from the audience to reenact some of the 1,000 poses from the book.

The poses, which are only given numbers next to the pictures, were given new names like “Sexy Jump to Grab the Last Apple” and “The Gym’s Not Really Working,” by Meyers. “We made [the poses] numbers so people like you would give them names!” Rocha said.

Personally, I think this sounds like a fun fashion drinking game to try out. Check out the video below!