RuPaul Comes Out For Kelis

I was very lucky to attend an intimate Kelis performance at the McKittrick Hotel where she performed soulful/glamourous versions of all our favorite hits. Kelis told the crowd she had been at the hotel hours prior cooking up dishes for everyone to enjoy as she belted out some toned down renditions of some of her best songs including ‘Milkshake’ and ‘Acapella’, as well as some newer songs from her most recent album, Food. Kelis has always been ahead of the trends and she might have just started #FoodPop, the pairing of a performer’s own food with their music. I was also very lucky to catch RuPaul enjoying the show by himself. Here are some pics.

Alex Catarinella













Boy George Wants You

Boy George

Boy George’s performance led to an afterparty at Boom Boom Room in the Standard Hotel. It was a private affair with many of Boy’s NYC friends in attendance and a rumored performance by David Bowie himself that never really happened. Here’re some pics of the night.

Besties Danielle Levitt and Ladyfag

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Kayvon Zand

Countess Luann

Me peeing in the sink.

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Boy George

Erich Conrad + Derek Blasberg

Sandstorm Coachella Massacre

Sandy Kim in a sandstorm outfit.

Sometimes during Coachella you really have to take time to rejuvenate at one of the many oasis spots that pop up for the weekend across Palm Desert.

Especially if a sandstorm is threatening to potentially ruin your life. Which is exactly what happened. The gritty winds devoured my camera, and these are the last photos I got before Coachella finally got to me.

1Niki Takesh at the Stylebop party
Niki Takesh at the Stylebop party

2DevHynes from BloodOrange
Dev Hynes from Blood Orange

3 4Pool at the Guess Hotel party
Pool at the Guess hotel party

5 6 7ShaninaShaik
Shanina Shaik

8KarleySciortino from Slutever
Karley Sciortino from Slutever

9 11Sandy Kim and boyfriend Colby from DIIV walking in a sandstorm
Sandy Kim and boyfriend Colby from DIIV walking in a sandstorm

Makeout selfie

Doin’ Angel Haze’s Coachella Hair + 91,000 Other Things

Angel Haze doing her hair in our house before performing with Bastille

This weekend ninety-one thousand people made the pilgrimage to the desert for Coachella. It’s almost too much to handle. On Thursday and Friday we hit every party we could, starting with Tillys x Dickies desert lounge at the Ace Hotel, then headed to the This Is A Love Song house for an after hours, woke up and chilled at HAIM’s house to meet up with our friend Angel Haze while she got ready for her debut Coachella performance with Bastille, saw emo favs AFI before going to soho house for the Elle party with Ireland Baldwin, then came back to see The Knife’s freaky performance art and Outkast’s return performance.  But whether you’re at a chic event, chilling at a pool, or seeing your fav bands, it’s all about who you’re with and who you love.

R1-05599-002A R1-05599-004A
May Kwok at the Ace Hotel Dickies party

The Kin performing at Dickies x Tilly’s desert lounge

Extreme selfie with the designers of This is a Love Song & Sydney Reising

After Party at This is a Love Song’s Palm Springs house


Angela Pham

R1-05599-012A R1-05599-017A R1-05599-020A Our view from our Indio house

Angel Haze

R1-05599-022A Me in our pool

R1-05600-004A Coachella art installations

 R1-05600-007A R1-05600-009A
Ireland Baldwin and John Tuite sharing a ringpop on our way to the Elle party

R1-05600-010A R1-05600-011A
David-Simon Dayan and Ireland Baldwin at the
Elle party

Crowd at The Knife


I’m Lost, Where’s Coachella?

Last week our intrepid photo diarist Carlos Santolalla flew to Los Angeles. That was the easy part. Finding his way to Coachella proved more difficult. But it’s all good when you’re with your friends.

Mario Lopez

789650_origAngel Haze + Ireland Baldwin in the corner



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Club DAB

Me and Zaina at Acabar (Roland Emmerich’s restaurant)

Zaina and Jesse Hoffman, and the LA ‘it’ twins Brian and Brad Cowell

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Lily McMenamy’s Downtown Loft Birthday Bash

Marc Sebastian Faiella gives Lily a birthday kiss.

Last Thursday, in a downtown Manhattan loft, Lily McMenamy (daughter of legendary model Kristen McMenamy) celebrated her birthday with her closest friends, including Marc Sebastian Faiella, Angela Donhauser, India Menuez, Carlos Santolalla, John Tuite, and Gabi Asfour.


15840008Angela Donhauser with Theodore Fivel.

Marc Sebastian applying face jewelry.

15840012 15840011Artist India Menuez singing Happy Birthday.

15870015Lily McMenamy birthday gifs.

15870023Model John Tuite taking a selfie.

15870017Gabi Asfour serenades Lily.


Photos by Carlos Santolalla.

A Won’t Stop Night With Miley Cyrus At Her NYC Afterparty

Saturday night at the Electric Room in New York, Miley Cyrus brought her entourage and partied late with a fashion, music and nightlife who’s who. And as always, Carlos Santolalla (follow him on Instagram) was on the scene.

Miley arriving

2Model John Tuite, outside

L.A. It girl and stylist Niki Takesh

Terry Richardson trying to get a pic of Miley

Sky Ferreira, her stylist Ian Bradley, and model Marc Sebastian

Miley taking selfie with Gavin Doyle

7Miley with her dancers

Model Marc Sebastian with Miley’s dancer Amazon Ashley

Wouldn’t be a Miley party without some twerking