RuPaul’s New Series ‘AJ and the Queen’ is a Mad Roadtrip



Amidst all the insufferable narcissism and vapidity of our current cultural zeitgeist, the reality that RuPaul’s Drag Race has been a massive hit eleven seasons running is of not insignificant consolation. And now he/she (as he/she prefers to be called) is having a go at scripted television, with a new Netflix series appropriately titled AJ and the Queen.

In it, he/she plays drag performer Ruby Red, who has saved up enough money to open a new club, and “it is going to be MAY-jor.” Alas, someone close absconds with the dosh, and Ruby is left penniless and in need of a plan. Taking to the road is the only financial solution, and she brings 10-year-old neighbor AJ–played by Izzy G.—along for the wild ride, after the latter’s mother proves incapable of taking care of him (and the kid sort of blackmails him into doing it.)



Ruby subsequently snaps at AJ, “You’re like a Chucky doll, but not as nice,” further insisting, “I’m a drag queen on a cross-country tour. So unless you’re a pair of fake boobs, you really don’t belong in the back of my RV.”

Curiously enough, the story is loosely based on the cult 1941 Preston Sturges film Sullivan’s Travels. But it’s given just the right dose of postmodern meta, with guest appearances by Drag Race regulars like Bianca Del Rio and Latrice Royale. It’s also surely the freakiest, most outré cinematic road trip since Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.

Best of all, it’s likely to send Mike Pence and his perpetually clenched ilk into ideological cardiac arrest. Bless!


N.B. –  For more RuPaul, his annual Drag Con will be taking place in London this January 18 + 19, and in Los Angeles in May.


Winter Getaways: Montauk’s Navy Beach is Now in St. Thomas + St. Maarten

Navy Beach St. Thomas



For some four decades, Silvano Marchetto’s Da Silvano was the epicenter of downtown NYC cognoscenti socializing, before sadly closing in 2016. In the interim, daughter Leyla also got into the biz in 2009 with the beloved, but now closed, Scuderia. But sensing the increasing fashionability of once serene Montauk, she opened Navy Beach there a year later.

Its cool, breezy chic and “everyone welcome” hospitality has made it a runaway hit. And as it approaches its 10th birthday, its celebrating in an appropriately spectacular way…by spreading the love all the way to the Caribbean.


Navy Beach St. Thomas


Indeed, a gorgeous new outpost has just opened in St. Thomas, and yet another is on the way in St. Maarten. Each features similar stylistic hallmarks of the original, with checkerboard rattan chairs, rustic wooden tables, and seafaring bric-a-brac. Both also boast open-air dining, with rather dazzling watery (and yachty) views, and are part of an Island Global Yachting Ltd. partnership, being located at the latter’s superyacht destinations at Yacht Haven Grande St. Thomas and Yacht Club at Isle de Sol St. Maarten.

On the seafoody, comfort-heavy menus are Montauk clam & corn chowder, soy glazed red snapper, and island spiced blackened mahi mahi (as well as the excellent Navy Burger, for landlubbers). But plan to fly several of your best friends over for a full-on party, courtesy of the Mermaid and Pirate (aargh!) Prix-Fixes, served family style, and including crispy calamari salad, yunnan ribs and buttermilk fried chicken. Even the drinks are crazy fun, especially the rum based Frozen Bushwacker, and the tequila-jalapeno Hot Skinny Wench.

The St. Thomas location also boasts a new sister restaurant, the Mexican ISLA Cantina, and will soon add Sylvette, a French-Medi bistro. While at St. Maarten, the exclusive Sky Deck will host splashy private parties—and a gaming area, swimming pool and plush daybeds will assure it will be the island’s buzziest scene this spring and summer. Don’t miss it.


Navy Beach St. Thomas


Navy Beach St. Maarten


Navy Beach St. Maarten