The Basically Basic Guide to a Totally #Basic Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so naturally it is time to contemplate suicide — or get some plans together for you and your loved one. The loved one being your boyfriend or girlfriend or best friend or dog. Whoever that partner in Valentine’s crime may be, it is important to get back to basics with things. When February 14th rolls around, you can bet that these quintessential New York spots will be basically filled with other basics just trying to get a good Instapic and a good buzz.




Whether you’re heading to MSG to watch an All Star NBA practice or enjoy some soul jams, there is nothing more basic than getting dressed up just to trek to Penn Station with your beau on Valentine’s day.



How basic is being able to pick out what you want to eat as well as what you want for Valentines day all in the same establishment? So basic!





You will feel so accomplished because you found this cute little gem in Soho that serves some delicious bites. You’ll Insta a pic, check the geotag, and realize the abundance of basics that did the exact same thing.



The only thing more basic than going on a date and enjoying a nice meal is going on a date and throwing around some balls. This is the perfect place to go if you don’t really feel like giving your date any attention — simply get your head in the game and knock down some pins.





Being a vegetarian these days is becoming more basic than not being vegetarian. Having a Valentine’s date sans meat is kale-tastic and totally instagramable.



Doing anything in Brooklyn that involves a specific liquor is just like going to Cafe Gitane and ordering avocado toast… it just always happens. What’ll make it even more basic is if you drink too much Whiskey and (after consulting your friends) text your ex.





Do we even have to say anything? Fabulous overpriced sweets straight from Paris. It’s basically Valentine’s Day every day inside of Laduree.



Going to a museum on Valentine’s Day and gazing at the Romanticism paintings is so trying to be Blair Waldorf it’s sickening, but in all the best basic ways.





Settling for a box of chocolates is basic enough, but chowing down on an ice cream sundae takes that to an entire new level.



Your sex life has been lacking and you think Valentine’s Day is the perfect date to finally spice things up. Get inspiration from the ultimate basic girl book turned blockbuster Fifty Shades of Grey. Shockingly basic!





Maybe you’ve found yourself alone on Valentine’s Day and just need a date with a glass of something strong. How about you have five glasses of something for $10. Nothing more basic than a hopeless romantic getting drunk on cheap drinks.



Something’s fishy and it’s not just that “co-worker” your date keeps texting. It’s the damn fatty tuna sashimi you’re scarfing down along with every other girl that moved to the city from Long Island after going to college in the midwest.





The view of the New York City skyline, the rich elegant decor, NBC… things are suddenly turning more basic than Allison Williams’ character on Girls.


The Smith

When you eat at a restaurant that is named after one of the most common last names in America, your night is bound to turn basic quicker than you can snap a foodstagram of your glass of champagne.


Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work We Will Miss

Photo via IFC Films

Today will be one of those days that you won’t forget where you were when you found out the news that true comedic great Joan Rivers passed away. 

Unflinchingly fearless and ferociously talented, Rivers was nothing short of an icon, garnering a wealth of love, respect, and admiration as a comedian, actor, director,  producer,  television host, mother, with her sharp-tongued wit and biting  jokes about the A-listers we all love to hate. At age 81 she couldn’t give any more shits, yet was quicker, more on her feet, and consistently more hilarious than comedians a third of her age. Her life and career  was traumatic and triumphant enough for a series on Lifetime, a series she certainly would make fun of herself.

Everyone has an opinion about Joan Rivers and she has an even smarter opinion about you. She’s lasted a career that spans more lifetimes than herself. Joan will forever be missed and never forgotten.

The Late Show with Joan Rivers 

Joan Rivers on The Ed Sullivan Show

Joan Rivers ,1982

Stand up comedy, 1974

Louis CK: Sex with Joan Rivers

Lana Del Rey’s Ultraviolent Return

Mark your calendars… On June 17th we’ll have a whole new album of summer anthems; Lana Del Rey, that pop queen of old Hollywood glam, returns to us on that glorious day with 14 new tracks to uplift our souls, tantalize our ears, and bring a new era filled with cigarette smoke and the smell of American royalty. The album’s name? Ultraviolence.

In honor of Ultraviolence we’ve put together some images of Lana that are destined to become your new computer background images (so you can get a glimpse of Lana at any and all times.)

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SolangeGate Continues: Beyoncé’s Lil Sis Goes Rogue

Photo: @SaintRecords 

All of the sudden I feel sick, a cold sweat and goosebumps included. Details are swarming now with the aftermath of the Solange beatdown on Jay Z. Solange may sing about “Losing You” but apparently little sister may be losing it. Teams for the all parties have remained mum with any details as to what Jay did or didn’t do to provoke the physical outburst. In a shocking twist, Solange has taken to Instagram to send out a silent but deadly threat, deleting nearly ALL photographs of Beyoncé, except one dating back 15 months ago. “Some Things Never Seem to F*****g Work,” and Solange, it seems like this whole family feud is not working for you.

Feeling lost? Catch up on the Bey drama here. 

Backlash from the fight has only continued as Jay and Bey fans are basically attacking Solange’s chic Instagram @SaintRecords with nasty threats and accusations. Solange, it’s time for you and your family members to become “Lovers in the Parking Lot” and get over whatever issues you have, if not just for your own good, than for the wellbeing of the entire world!

I’ve been reading reports claiming that the brawl was sparked due to Jay’s lingering promise to help boost Solange’s music career. The rapper reportedly has not had the time to help make Solange a household name. We refuse to believe any “claim” or “report” and hope to get a text back from our close friend Beyoncé so we can just diffuse this issue that is sticking out like a sore thumb and get back to life as we know it.

Jay Z’s Hundredth Problem: 5 Reasons Solange Probs Threw the Punch

Photo: NY Daily News 

So by now you’ve probably seen the footage of Miss Solange Knowles going all World Star Hip-Hop on American royalty Jay Z in the elevator at The Standard. ‘Twas the night of the fabulous Met Ball and the only thing on Solange’s mind was getting in one last kick at Jay before a body guard ripped her and her brand new pixie-cut away from the Hip-Hop God. All awhile big sis and Queen of  everything Beyoncé held herself with class, as always. If you haven’t been speculating all day as to why they scuffle even happened, then you’re a mess and need to sort out your priorities, but don’t worry, because we definitely have. Here are five reasons that Solange threw a little punch and kick at King Jay.

UPDATE: Solange throws another hit? Read more here.

Speculation # 1) It was all about the babies. Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci had a couple too many and had a little case of word vomit. During a convo between Bey, Solange and Tisci, he accidentally said that baby Blue Ivy was cuter than Solange’s toddler Daniel. Solange clearly didn’t take the opinion well and took out the anger on Jay instead of Riccardo, because she wanted to snag a free nightingale bag of course.

Speculation # 2) Jay surprised Beyoncé with the presidential suite at the Standard –- he wanted to set the ambience in hopes of creating Blue Ivy Volume 2. Solange got wind of this news and threw a damn fit because she didn’t want to head back to Brooklyn alone.

Speculation # 3) Solange been drinkin’… Solange been drinkin’. The Boom Boom Room atop le Standard is a place filled with booze, they wont even let you in if you’re wearing sneakers, even Lanvin ones (personal experience). Solange had way too many watermelon martinis and the ‘hood within her came out.

Speculation # 4) It was an inside job! Total Kardashian style. Solange teamed up with The Standard and the fight was a result of a press hungry hotel and media hungry celebrity younger sister. Hilary and Haley Duff syndrome.

Speculation # 5) This one is very logical and could possibly be the answer. Solange wanted to press the buttons on the elevator but Jay beat her to it.


Top Ten Happy Mother’s Day Mother Daughter Duos

In honor of Mother’s Day we put together a little collection of our favorite celebrity mother – daughter duos, from the hard partying days of Drew Barrymore and her mother to the tongue-out likelihood of Tish and Miley Cyrus. And who could forget the amazingness that is Kelly and Sharon Osbourne? It seems like moms are a always a tad bit cooler in Hollywood.

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10 #MomSongs to Celebrate That Special Lady

It’s that special time of the year again, the day that we all unite and appreciate thy mothers is coming up faster than a C-section. We’ve all got someone that pushed us out, and we thank you! From changing our diapers to bathing us to everything in between, moms, you go through a lot of shit to take care of the ones you love. Take care of your mom with our 10 favorite #MomSongs. Mother’s Day isn’t just about the little brats she raised, it’s also a day where husbands undeniably thank their significant others for carrying a second human inside there bodies for nine months. The factors contributing to Mother’s Day are endless, and so are the amount of reasons why we love them. Heres to all the hot mamas out there.

(And if you really love her, you’ll buy her one of these.)

“Hard out Here” by Lily Allen
Because every mom deserves to be a bitch when she has to deal with raising kids.

“Talk Dirty” by Jason Derulo feat. 2 Chainz
This song is best reserved for mom and dad.

“Slow Down” by Selena Gomez
Because it is important to realize that you need to slow down when talking to your mom as she gets older it takes her longer to comprehend things.

“Partition” by Beyoncé
A very important song to ensure that your parents don’t get bored of each other and file for divorce. Spice things up.

“Mama” by the Spice Girls
Sheer appreciation at its finest as it involves Victoria Beckham.

“Confessions of a Broken Heart” by Lindsay Lohan
Throw this one in to remind your mom that you didn’t end up like Lindsay Lohan and you actually have your head on your shoulders and that you’re over whatever daddy issues you ever had.

“Let It Go” by Idina Menzel
Because no matter how many times you get mad at your mom you both always seem to let it go and go back to BFFs.

“Only Girl (In The World)” by Rihanna
Put your mom on a pedestal! She’s the only damn girl in the world.

“Adore You” by Miley Cyrus
This one is self explanatory. Our moms need to be reminded that they are adored.

“Always Be My Baby” by Mariah Cary
Moms everywhere can agree, no matter how old you get, you will always be your mother’s baby!

Doing It In Moscow

Garage Museum DO IT opening

If you ever needed an excuse to travel to Moscow, now is the time to have your assistant book a ticket. Art lovers unite as Garage Center for Contemporary Culture officially becomes Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Changing the face of museum culture Garage is exactly what Russia needs to grow their cultural image.

The museum is opening the largest iteration of the globe-trotting, twenty-year-old DO IT exhibition. The exhibition began in Paris in 1993 as a result of a discussion with artist Christian Boltanski  and Bertrand Lavier about how to make an open-ended, flexible show. Beginning with just 12 artists, the exhibition has now involved over 400 artist and is still growing. Being interactive, DO IT is like no other. Artist create instructions and ultimately the viewer gets to interpret them. Moscow is thoroughly being taken over by the exhibition curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist as it unfolds at venues across the city.

10308349_10152356863610923_2680894690808500829_nKazuyo Sejima work at Garage

Below: An animated short about Hans Ulrich Orbit’s ongoing DO IT exhibition.

do it (short) from Independent Curators INTL on Vimeo.


Happy Birthday, Becks!

H&M fall 2013 campaign

We could simply justify our appreciation for David Beckham with the fact that his significant other and mother to his four children is Posh Spice, but he’s so much more than that.

Just a year shy from 40, Becks not only kicks the soccer ball around well, he also fills out a pair of David Beckham for H&M Body-wear like a pro. His kids love him because apparently playing with Legos with them is therapeutic for him; we love him because he’s one of the spiffiest Brits around; and his wife loves him because… well, you can figure that one out by yourself (and it has something to do with what’s in those briefs.)

So here’s to you Mr. Beckham, may your day be filled with balls (of the soccer variety) and way too many Pimm’s cups!