Your First Music Crush of 2019: Sweden’s Hellberg Remixes Allie X’s ‘Girl of the Year’


You’ve overdosed on syrupy holiday classics without apology, and the echoes of the last chorus of “Auld Lang Syne” have faded into the mnemonic haze of 2018. Time, then, to get grooving for real again – and to do it with decidedly international flair.

And so it is that our first musical obsession of 2019 is this intoxicating Hellberg remix of Allie X‘s already thoroughly captivating “Girl of the Year.” The Swedish producer has taken the original single – a moody, haunted Depeche Mode style synth-pop stunner – and revved it up with an exhilarating house groove for maximum dancefloorability.

Ms. X, the mysterious Canadian songstress (who now calls LA home), has since 2014’s “Catch” been collabing with Troye Sivan, winning praise from Katy Perry, and consistently capturing our ears and hearts. “Girl of the Year” is taken from her latest EP Super Sunset, which was released this past October, and is amongst her best work.

Expect to hear more from Allie sooner than later.



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