Who’s Posting to Anna Delvey’s Insta While She’s at Rikers?


If you haven’t read the New York Magazine piece on Anna Delvey, you’re missing out on the story of the decade. Having conned her way into the highest social circles of Manhattan’s rich and powerful, she pulled off a socialite facade while racking up a mountain of fraudulent transactions. It’s the hottest tale of modern elitism and crime-friendly millennials since the Bling Ring.

It’s such a huge story, it caught the attention of Netflix and Shonda Rhimes. Now set for a series, it’s safe to say we’ve only seen the beginning of Delvey’s rise to infamy.



Since yesterday, two posts have gone up on Delvey’s Instagram. They’re the first on the account since August, which makes sense, seeing as she’s currently being held at Rikers Island. A photo shows Delvey with former 11 Howard concierge and unwitting accomplice Neff Davis, with the caption “Thelma & Louise.” And a throwback video shows Delvey eating at the trendy French restaurant Le CouCou.

Both are geo-tagged from Rikers Island, which raises the question as to how these posts came to be. Did someone smuggle a phone in for Delvey? Is her old pal, Davis posting for her? Is it all a publicity stunt on behalf of Netflix? Either way, we’re on the edge of our seats to see how Delvey’s story continues to unfold.

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