Watch: Trailers for Every New ‘Black Mirror’ Episode

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Thanks to the bleak dystopias laid out in the Black Mirror series, we can always take solace in knowing that as messed up as our world is, things could be worse. Yes, some episodes of the anthology series seem to be playing out in real life lately; but overall, we haven’t gotten attacked by robotic bees yet or created theme parks to celebrate torture. Yay!

As we prepare our minds and bodies for the upcoming fourth season of the Netflix series, which the streaming service claims will drop by the end of the year, we’ve finally got previews for every upcoming episode – from the dark Star Trek riff “USS Callister” to the Jodie Foster-directed “Arkangel.”

There’s no way to tell just yet, but don’t expect any of these stories to make you cry tears of joy, like last season’s phenomenal and award-winning love story “San Junipero.” These episodes look…bleak.

Watch the preview for every episode below and then go depress yourself with the first three seasons.