Watch: Freaky New Pram Video for ‘Doll’s Eyes’ Brings the Retro Psychological Terror


For twenty years (until 2008), British art rockers Pram were the very epitome of freaky experimentation, surely even baffling their record labels on more than a few occasions. They returned in 2016, perhaps sensing that music had gotten far too normal without them.

Once again signed to Domino, their eighth album Across the Meridian saw release last summer, with Q magazine observing, “these songs [have] a bloodless, etiolated quality that’s as sinister as it is pretty.” And sinister is surely the only way to describe the new Scott Johnston directed video for the opulent, retro-’60s album cut “Doll’s Eyes.” It would be nigh impossible to fully explain, but it involves scratched out eyeballs, a mad female scientist, and, well, feline sleep control experiments – all shot in a purposefully grainy fashion.

“Pram’s music often conjures a world for me that lies disconcertingly between adult nostalgia and childhood terrors,” Johnston explains of his inspiration for the video. “The concept became, what if I were making this video when I was a 12-year old home movie monster kid, using Super8mm, crude props and family pets, all mashed up with a teen’s heightened view of love and obsession?”

And now we have the answer.


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