WATCH: ANIIML’s Eerie, Erotic (& Banned) New Video for ‘SLAY!’

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It’s a bit difficult to shock these days – even Marilyn Manson doesn’t seem to be bothering much about it anymore.

But the new video for “SLAY!,” from LA’s ever provocative ANIIML (formerly ANML), seems to have ruffled a few crusty feathers.┬áDirected, shot and edited entirely on iPhone by frontwoman Lila Rose, it is erotic, unnerving…but also utterly riveting. And despite its slightly eerie, David Lynchian aesthetic, it’s also decidedly feminist in its tone.

It has also been banned by several social media outlets.

“I see myself as a performance artist who uses the body as her main canvas,” explains Ms. Rose. “I see the body as the most beautiful, most controversial, and yet most basic piece of art we are given to create with and from. As soon as you put clothing onto this human form, you imply some other meaning. It directs your mind towards something other than this animal form. My sexuality is my private business, but when it comes to making art, all of that disappears. This is about making something beyond sexuality.”

Or as Prince so perfectly put it, “I always understood the two to be intertwined: sexuality and spirituality.”

This is yet another example of just how right he was.