This Long Lost Redd Kross Cover of ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’ Will Totally Blow You Away


Redd Kross were LA post-punk’s glamtastic iconoclasts, as American as glitter-dusted apple pie, but with a charmingly unapologetic Anglophilic bent. Rocker brothers Steve and Jeff McDonald brought the band back in 2004, and have been valiantly attempting to resuscitate rock & roll ever since.

Venerable indie label Merge has just joined the cause, this week reissuing their long forgotten 1984 album Teen Babes From Monsanto – a collection of mostly covers of songs by the Stones, Bowie and, most surprisingly, ABBA.

And no exaggeration, their shockingly unheralded, glam-metal update of the Swedish quartet’s classic “Dancing Queen” has veritably rescued us from an otherwise dark and troubled 2018 – sending us into fits of Euro-pop ecstasy. So, naturally, we just had to share.

Warning: You may find yourself dancing unselfconsciously around the room for hours on end, with this song on perpetual repeat.



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