Swedish Psych Rockers Blues Pills’ New Single ‘Rhythm in the Blood’ is the Catharsis We All Need Right Now




There’s a scene in David Lynch’s 1990 American Gothic soap opera of a film Wild At Heart, where Lula (Laura Dern) goes berserk at the continuous stream of violent reporting she hears as she scrolls through the radio dial in her ’65 T-Bird. Thankfully she has a sleeping Nic Cage in the back seat to calm her down, and he does just that in finally finding a station playing music, thrash-metal band Powermad to be precise.

Blues Pills‘ new single “Rhythm in the Blood” conjures a similar feeling in its intro, which also utilizes the scrolling radio station tactic to instill anxiety. The addition of macabre imagery in its video—a knife-wielding silhouette, skulls, a grinning visage—only adds to the sense of doom. Yet as in the movie we are redeemed by the power of, well…rock-and-fucking-roll.



In their productive, decade long career, Swedish quartet Blues Pills have trod a distinctive path of psychedelic, bluesy retro-hard-rock, and their new album Holy Moly!, which hits today via Nuclear Blast, definitively stays the course. And “…Blood,” with its refrain of ‘there’s a killer on the loose,’ and lead singer Elin Larsson’s frequent use of horror movie screams in place of actual singing, ensures that there’s no question that serious catharsis is taking place.

“These songs are from a very dark period of our lives,” guitarist Zak Anderson says of the album. “So much loss, anger, and anxiety. Sadness and change. A separation into reincarnation. We stand behind every note and every word. This album was created in darkness and it guided us into the light again. One can only hope it will give you comfort too.”

We’re happy to report, it’s already working.


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