Sofi Tukker’s ‘Animal Talk’ Artistic Collective Launches Namesake Label


Since popping up on the sputtering NYC scene in 2014, Sofi Tukker –¬†Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern – have injected a much needed dose of sexiness and effortless cool into the seemingly lifeless proceedings. For our part, we have covered their four-legged groove machine with a particular enthusiasm.

Now we have the news that they – as influential artistic people are wont to do – have launched a new label, based on an idea that has been bubbling below the surface since the day the pair met in 2013. Indeed, the intriguingly named Animal Talk is actually a collective of some of their favorite creative comrades, including: Northwestern disco queen Giobbi; pop-house producer Joshua Hoisington + singer Adam Welsh; holder down of the fort Laura A. Spalding, aka hermixalot (get it?); and Oxford musical wunderkind Rokky, who is also the first signing to the label.




“It has always been our dream to start a record label,” enthuses Hawley-Weld, “though at first I didn’t think we had the bandwidth to be working on our music and other people’s music at the same time.”

Meeting Rokky at a show in Berlin changed that all – providing the necessary enthusiasm and inspiration to make it happen.

She continues, “We are going to start by bringing the excitement of friendship and creation across the world with our Animal Talk parties. Everyone is just looking for an excuse to believe in themselves – and we want to give them that excuse.”

Expect releases soon from all the previously mentioned artists – but as an unofficial intro, Animal Talk has gifted us with the groovalicious but heady “Manifesto,” which is – you guessed it – their nascent musical and philosophical manifesto set to song.

“Let’s all live in the world of our wildest dreams,” Hawley-Weld infectiously gushes. We’re already packing our bags.




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