Robyn Will Return With A New Album This Year


Take a deep breath, for everything will soon be all right – Robyn will gift us with a new album this year. After a fan on Twitter asked who decides when her next release date is, the Swedish singer offered the one response that could surely save our mortal souls:



Robyn has not released a full-length record since she wrote the “Bible” in 2010, more generally referred to as Body TalkSome quick words of appreciation for certain songs off of that masterpiece:

“Dancing On My Own” was, and continues to be, the single best song ever written. We will not be accepting questions at this time.

“Call Your Girlfriend” did, and continues to make us sob, even though at first we felt bad for the girlfriend referenced in the song. But then we realized the girlfriend ultimately did need to go, so we could be with our man.

“Get Myself Together,” “Indestructible,” and “Stars 4-Ever” are three of the most slept on dance/self-empowerment tracks of our generation, and in the history of music. All three of these bops can cause sidewalk thrashing, which we vigorously encourage.

“Hang With Me” has always been emotional for us, and only became more so when Lorde and Jack Antonoff killed one of our nine lives with their cover.


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