Revelation: Stormy Daniels Wants to Talk to You About How Much She Loves Horses




After months of endlessly going mentally, emotionally and psychologically off the rails, god knows we need every bit of joy we can get right now, however unexpected it may be. And though it was likely no one could have even imagined spending an evening chatting about horses with Stormy Daniels, it might just be a perfectly reasonable way to yank us away from the madness for a bit.

Ms. Daniels is, of course, the adult film star whose unfortunate encounter with a pre-presidential Donald Trump made her very, very famous. Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, who was said to have made a hush payment to her, wound up in prison; and her attorney Michael Avenatti was subsequently indicted for fraud.

But Stormy, who it turns out is an accomplished equestrian, stands decidedly with her dignity intact—and in fact is now featured in a new book fittingly about equestrian adoration. And this Thursday, August 20, the venerable One Grand Books (of Narrowsburg, the Catskills) will host an event via Zoom which will bring Stormy and author Sarah Maslin Nir together for a lively discussion about the latter’s new book Horse Crazy—which bears the delightfully charming subtitle The Story of a Woman and a World in Love with an Animal.



Maslin Nir is a NY Times reporter and Pulitzer Prize finalist, whose 2015 exposé on the manicurist business caused more than its share of controversy. But Horse Crazy wants only to celebrate our universal infatuation with one of the world’s most beautiful and loyal creatures, of which there are two million in the US alone. So Thursday’s event is obviously an absolute must for horse lovers—but also for anyone for whom spending an hour with two such fascinating women, talking about such exquisite animals, would prove an ideal antidote to all the ugliness taking place around us right now.

“I think one of the most fascinating things about the love of horses is that these animals—despite the elite trappings that surround them—are themselves democratizing,” offers the author. “In my book I ride with black Texas cowboys reclaiming their legacy, Indian cavalry officers across Rajasthan, and swim rare Marwari horses in the sea with an English socialite.”

And of her upcoming Zoom accomplice, she enthuses, “Stormy is a horse girl at heart, and I instantly bonded [with her] over these animals.”

No surprise, whenever Daniels posts a picture of one of her steeds, the lascivious jokes follow—to which she characteristically replies: “He’s not my type, I prefer thoroughbreds.”

Cost for the 6pm event is $24 , which includes a free signed copy of Horse Crazy (regular price $28). A Zoom link will be sent to ticket holders.


One Grand Books, Narrowsburg
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