One To Watch: bloody white’s Raw, Stark Confessionals Are a Catharsis for Our Pent Up Times



Considering our ominous reality of rampant wildfires, successive hurricanes, a deadly pandemic with no end in sight, and a presidential election that will likely trigger an all out civil war, you’d be forgiven for wanting to binge on Spongebob or Hallmark Channel movies, as a means of maintaining some measure of sanity.

But it’s also important to occasionally stare down all the tragedy, as only through confronting and assessing our anxieties, can we properly sort them. Which is exactly what bloody white has done with his unflinching new EP, the starkly titled you’d walk right over me. Released this week, it is replete with viscerally crafted soundscapes, languorous trip-hop beats, and intensely soul-baring lyrical meditations dealing with addiction, loss and suicidal musings.



Indeed, one track is starkly titled “overdosing,” and it’s pensive, haunted atmospherics provide the backdrop to such unflinching self-flagellation as, “I done a lot of bad shit / Caused a lot of fucking madness / Now I think I’m fucked in the head / ‘Cause I ain’t never seen this much red.” Another bears the unvarnished title “funeral,” and is hardly surprisingly a raw, gothic confessional that finds him metaphorically reckoning, “The only way that you can move forward is if you bury your past.”

“I made this EP as a means of venting,” he explains. “Falling in and out of love, mistrust, suicidal thoughts and addiction are all things that I, like many other kids, dealt with during my high school experience. I found catharsis writing about my struggles. My primary hope is that anyone who listens and relates to the message can rest a little easier knowing they aren’t as alone as they thought.”



At just 20 years of age, he is indeed making cathartic music at a time when not only does the global coronavirus crisis have humanity in its lethal grip, but his home state, California, is in literal flames. But, as the EP bears out, the act of creating and emotionally purging  has been healing, at least in some ways.

“Since the conception of the EP,” he offers, “I’ve been in a much better mental space, thankfully. I’m also currently experimenting with different production and songwriting techniques to allow myself a wider range of sonic possibilities. I’m in the process of writing a followup LP that will have an even deeper, and more personal feel.”

For someone so young, such emotional maturity is certainly eye-opening.

But as he puts it, “I’m simply trying to create art that conveys a potent and honest representation of who I am…and who I wish to be.”

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