On Repeat: Dreamy New Carla Bruni Single ‘Quelque Chose’




Since Carla Bruni quit modeling to launch a music career with 2002’s Quelqu’un m’a dit, she’s released five albums (including the stunning poetry-into-songs collection No Promises), sold three million copies of them, married French President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2008, gave birth to a daughter, lived in Élysée Palace until 2012, and stirred up enough gossip, media speculation, and even a scandal or three, to last several lifetimes.

But dazzling as it all may be, it always comes back to the music actually being truly magnificent. And now she’s returned with another utterly captivating single, “Quelque Chose” (translation: “something”), which has us hitting repeat more than we’d care to admit. With its elegantly strummed guitars, seductively brushed drums, and Mlle. Bruni’s alluringly winsome vocal delivery, it’s just the sort of dreamy, evocative Franco-pop that we need right now to whisk us away from our decidedly grim reality.

The accompanying video is masterclass in boho glamour, something she has surely always been particularly good at.

The single is taken from her upcoming album, rumored to be coming this fall. Obviously, it can’t come fast enough.


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