New Exhibition ‘The Lost Warhols’ Portrays Andy as You’ve (Seriously) Never Seen Him

The Gamechanger by Brayden Bugazzi


Three decades after his death, Andy Warhol is still finding ways to reinvent himself – this time via an intriguing photo session that took place five years before his passing.

Karen Bystedt was an ambitious young NYU photo student in 1982, working on a book about the well-known male models of the time. The “Prince of Pop” had recently appeared in an advertisement for Barneys, and agreed to sit for a session with Bystedt – who eventually rediscovered the negatives in 2011. A new exhibition, succinctly titled The Lost Warhols, brings together ten of those restored images with more than 30 contemporary artists for a one-of-a-kind photo/painting project, which offers a total of 66 unique visions of Andy. Proceeds will benefit God’s Love We Deliver, who provide meals to those living with severe illnesses in the New York Metropolitan area (and were founded in 1987, the year of Warhol’s death.)


Meatballs on Andy’s Head by Annie Preece 


“Working with God’s Love really resonates with me,” says Bystedt, “because aside from art I’m very passionate about food and its healing properties. The art in this collection is close to my heart and having it here in New York – where Andy was a king – is something I know he would have loved.”

“This is a spectacular collection that we are thrilled to help promote,” adds David Ludwigson, Vice President and Chief Development Officer at God’s Love We Deliver. “Andy Warhol was one-of-a-kind, and God’s Love is unique, too.”

The Lost Warhols will run from May 1 – 22 at 178 Sixth Avenue in Soho.


Ndebele Andy 1, by Ralph Ziman
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