Micheal Myers Returns in Hotly Anticipated First Trailer for ‘Halloween’ Sequel


For months, horror fans have been on the edge of their seats for the highly anticipated and long overdue sequel to John Carpenter’s Halloween. But all we’ve had to hold us over are some promotional photos and tidbits about the new Blumhouse-helmed installment.

With the announcement that Judy Greer is joining OG final girl, Jamie Lee Curtis, the star power is stacked. But when it was revealed that this sequel will cancel out all the other sequels (including the H20 and Resurrection, which already cancelled out all films after the Halloween II), we weren’t quite sure what to think. And although it’s his first real attempt at horror, we’re trusting director David Gordon Green’s (Stronger, Joe, Our Brand Is Crisis) vision for the franchise.

As we live in an era when there are even trailers for trailers, Blumhouse has been prepping us for the drop of the first full one all week. With little glimpses of footage, including some of both Curtis and Greer, it’s not a lot but just enough to keep us hooked.

This morning, that full trailer was finally released. And it’s everything we’d hoped it would be. Darker and grittier than any of the previous films (without Rob Zombie’s brand of goth camp), it features a now grandmother Laurie Strode (Curtis), who’s remained prepared for the killer’s return all these years. As Michael Myers returns in his iconic William Shatner mask to terrorize a new generation of babysitters, Granny Strode plans to finish what started 40 years ago.

Halloween premieres October 19. Watch the trailer below.


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