Mental Health Awareness Week: Poignant New Bloom Twins Single ‘Talk to Me’ Faces Depression Head On

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We fell hard for the Bloom Twins in 2016, when BlackBook premiered their ethereal new single “Amnesia” – which revealed the genuine scope of their considerable musical talent. The classically trained, now 21-year-old sisters were born in the Ukraine, but took London by storm in 2013, specifically catching the attention of Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes – who would go on to co-write and produce some of their songs.

Now signed to Models 1, they are anything but just pretty faces – and have actually come to be known for their heady lyrical subject matter. Indeed, their latest single “Talk to Me” is an affective, one-sided dialogue, documenting the attempt by one friend to lift another out of the throes of depression – an incisive anthem of awareness as we arrive at yet another Mental Health Awareness Week (May 14-20).

“I’ll be damned if I sit here and watch you / I won’t let you go into the ground / Don’t you know how much I think of you? / You mean the world to me now,” goes the viscerally piercing lyric. Sonically, the lush but melancholy synthesizers and dramatic, widescreen atmospherics distinctly recall Pet Shop Boys, and only serve to heighten the song’s powerful emotional impact.



The poignant accompanying video – which received an Honorable Mention at the LA Film Awards – is a haunting depiction of human pathos and desperation.

“The song explores how people tend to close down when they are feeling depressed,” the sisters explain. “In our society, letting feelings out can be taken for weakness, people often feel ashamed to say they are not feeling okay mentally. It’s really important to talk to each other, help one another, as otherwise it can lead us to dark places.”

Unsurprisingly, the song is based on a real life personal tragedy.

“‘Talk To Me’ is dedicated to one of our best friends from childhood,” they continue, “who we lost to anorexia nervosa. She was going through really dark times and felt ashamed and scared to talk about her problems. Often we don’t want to talk because of the stigma surrounding mental health, because we can’t make sense as to why we feel what we feel. All of us need to learn how to make this a non-judgmental safe place for someone to let their thoughts and feelings out. We always need to remember, it’s okay not to be okay.”

A message that particularly resonates in such worryingly uncertain times.

The Bloom Twins will be appearing at Camden Assembly in London this coming Thursday, May 17.