Maggie Gyllenhaal Joins the Autograph Collection’s ‘Screenwriters in Residence’ Program


Despite memorable roles in blockbusters like The Dark Knight and White House Down, Maggie Gyllenhaal will always represent a particular sort of indie spirit, one that ever cultivates story over visual bombast and special effects.

So it makes perfect sense that she has just been appointed Independent Film Advisor to The Autograph Collection’s Indie Film Project. With a goal towards supporting not just independent talent, but specifically aspiring women, Gyllenhaal was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s 1929 feminist essay A Room of One’s Own, in shaping this year’s Screenwriters in Residence program.

It was all kicked off with a splashy bash at the Toronto International Film Festival, where Maggie pal Martha Wainwright took to the stage for an electrifying performance.


Martha Wainwright image by BFA


“I think the words of Virginia Woolf – written almost 90 years ago – still ring true,” observes Gyllenhaal. “We are at a moment, culturally, when people are hungry for stories that are emotionally true, rooted in diversity; and reflective of different voices. I am proud to support emerging female screenwriters in independent film, which has always been a place you can tell stories in an honest and authentic way.”

Those voices, as thoughtfully selected by the actress, include Sarah Jane Inwards, specifically citing her script for Jellyfish Summer; young documentarian Chiara Towne, whose most recent screenplay V.I.N. was featured on the 2017 Black List; and budding screenwriter Amanda Idoko, who is currently working on Central Park, an Apple-produced animated musical.

The Autograph Collection is a group of unique luxury hotels located across the continents, from Tokyo to Dubai, Berlin to Miami and beyond.


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