Listen: In The Valley Below’s ‘Desperate Dance’ is the New Synth-Pop Anthem for Our Desperate Times


If we had to predict a cultural trend for the summer of 2018, “Desperate Dance” would likely be thy name. And as our nefarious current administration strips away LGBTQ and women’s rights, imposes further burdens on the poor, and brings us ever closer to the Apocalypse, surely only music could bring our salvation.

Thankfully, the appropriately named In The Valley Below (Angela Gail and Jeffrey Jacob) have delivered our most perfect dance of desperation for 2018. Indeed, the Michigan duo’s new single is a synth-pop masterstroke, a moody, melancholy and hook-laden gem in the vein of OMD and Ladytron. And Gail’s lyrics sound very much like a call to arms: “It’s a desperate dance / Do it now or never / Your chance is now to shake your feathers.”



“The track is about reaching a point of hopelessness that requires action,” she explains. “An impossible last ditch attempt to get what you need even if you get lost in the process. We wanted the video to be colorful to show desperation at the end of the rainbow.”

The song is taken from their forthcoming album The Pink Chateau, which will be out October 5 through Bright Antenna Records.

Of course, in these times, we really don’t have a choice. Whatever needs to be done, we must do it now (and not never). And at last you have the perfect soundtrack for action – and thus no longer any excuse to not, well, shake your feathers.

Desperate times, call for…desperate dances.



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