Listen: Sultry, Seductive New Sophie Auster Track ‘Mexico’


Sophie Auster has serious literary pedigree – she’s the daughter of novelists Paul Auster and Siri Hustvedt – yet also seemed destined for acting as a little girl, appearing as she did beside Jennifer Jason Leigh and Maggie Smith in 1997’s Washington Square…at just nine years of age.

But ultimately it was music that won her heart and steered her creative inclinations; and she’s been making it for a discriminating audience since her eponymous 2005 debut. Her fourth album Next Time will be out early in 2019, and anticipation runs high. In the meantime, she’s holding us over with the release of a sexy, exhilarating new single, succinctly titled “Mexico.”

Done up seductively in the accompanying video (which looks like it could have been filmed any time between 1950 and 1975), she tempts, “Come lie under a maple tree with me / You see I’ve lost my puppy / You seem like a nice kind of daddy / Can I share your money?” The Tijuana style brass, languid rhythms and sultry atmospherics of the song will have you reaching for a cold, sweaty drink in an attempt to beat all that sensual heat.

“After a trip to the Yucatan,” she recalls, “I came home humming the hook to ‘Mexico.’ The song is loosely inspired by Jacques Tourneur’s 1947 film noir Out of the Past, starring Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer. Mitchum’s character goes down to Mexico to find his boss’ girlfriend, who has run off with all his money, and a torrid love affair ensues. That’s what incited the song.”

To celebrate the release, Senorita Auster will do an intimate performance at Berlin in New York’s East Village, Monday October 22. Expect it to be hot stuff.


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