Listen: MILCK’s Powerful New Version of ‘Quiet’ is an Anthem for Sexual Assault Survivors


It seems like it was a dozen Donald Trump scandals ago. But with the recent avalanche of Hollywood sexual assault allegations, the January 21st Women’s March on Washington D.C. once again looms large in the American socio-political conscience.

One of the genuine cultural high points associated with the march was the spontaneous adoption of LA songstress MILCK‘s powerful track “Quiet” as an unofficial anthem – after she sang it with a choir in the D.C. streets. It was written almost a year previously, an act of emotional cleansing meant to cathartically confront her traumatic experience of domestic abuse when she was just 14 years old. For obvious reasons, it struck a serious chord in the wake of the election of an unapologetically misogynistic President; it went on to rack up nearly 900,000 views on YouTube…and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now signed to Atlantic, she today releases a new version of “Quiet,” meant surely as a rallying cry of solidarity for the so many women living with the pain of sexual exploitation. (#metoo)

“In light of the Harvey Weinstein scandals sparking a massive movement of women and survivors speaking out against sexual assault,” she explains, “I find myself in awe and moved to my core. For years, I blamed myself and secretly carried the shame. I wrote ‘Quiet’ when I did realize it wasn’t my fault and that I deserve to heal.”

Her hope is that the new version, “has the power to encourage and empower all those thinking of coming forward at this time.”

We’re pretty sure it will.



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