Listen: Ava Max’s Debut Single ‘My Way’ is a Fierce Anthem of Empowerment

Image by Lauren Dunn


We first heard from Ava Max when she appeared on Le Youth’s 2017 summer smash “Clap Your Hands,” which found her imploring us to, “Let the music lift you up.”

Now at last she has gifted us with her debut solo single, and she is singing a decidedly different tune. Indeed, on “My Way” (no reference to Sinatra, btw) she eschews the party time exhortations for some determinedly fierce words of self-possession and empowerment. To be sure, she warns us right away that, “This is not a love song / This is not a sing along,” before setting straight all those who would dare take her anything less than seriously: “Be a little proper they say / Speak a little softer they say / But this time it’s my way.”

This is not to say the track, with its captivating dramatic arcs, is all earnest solemnity – getting its message across as it does with alluringly chunky synths and boldly seductive grooves.

Expect to be hearing a lot more from Ava sooner than later.




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