Gotham Awards Pay Tribute to Sofia Coppola with Career Montage (Video)


This year, Sofia Coppola’s feminocentric remake of The Beguiled turned the heads of both audiences and critics. But it’s just the culmination of her acclaimed, and beguiling career. Since her 1999 debut The Virgin Suicides, she’s changed the way we look at, and think about film.

At this week’s Gotham Awards, the director was the subject of a worthy tribute montage. The two-minute compilation video featured some of her most visually-striking shots, overlaid with arresting quotes from her films. Clips from Marie AntionetteLost in TranslationThe Bling Ring, and Somewhere were strung together, almost seamlessly, to remind us why Francis Ford’s daughter is one of the most important filmmakers of our time.

Watch the Gotham Awards tribute to Sofia Coppola below.


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