Gorillaz Are Back With New Album, Autumn North American Tour


It’s a bit hard to imagine that when he and Jamie Hewlett dreamed up Gorillaz back in 1998, that Damon Albarn actually believed he would still be slipping into his animated skin 20 years later.

But the cartoon groovers are indeed back, with a full new album – The Now Now – due June 29 via Warner Bros. This one eschews the parade of guest stars that characterized last year’s HUMANZ, scaling it back to core members 2-D, Murdoc, Russell and Noodle. Though the video for new single “Humility” does, weirdly, feature a busking Jack Black.

Gorillaz will also hit the road in October for a nine-date mini-tour, including the U.S. debut of the Demon Dayz Festival in Los Angeles on the 20th.

“If you’re coming back to find me / You’d better have good aim…”



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