Drake’s ‘I’m Upset’ Video is the ‘Degrassi’ Reunion We Didn’t Know We Needed

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If you came of age watching Degrassi: the Next Generation, some things are just fact. Emma was way too young to be meeting her online boyfriend. Terri deserved much better than the coma Rick put her in. And Drake will forever be Wheelchair Jimmy in our eyes.

In his latest video, he embraces his Canadian teen soap roots. The visual accompaniment for “I’m Upset” brings together the cast for the ultimate high school reunion. Manny, Ashley, Spinner, Ellie, Paige, Craig, Marco, Toby, Liberty, the gang’s all here. Even Rick (the school shooter who put Jimmy in a wheelchair) has a cameo. There’s also an appearance by Degrassi super fans and guest stars, Jay and Silent Bob, who revive a little rap from their stoner road trip classic, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

It ends with the original theme song and some throwback footage of the show for the full nostalgic experience. It’s the most iconic TV reunion since before we found out Roseanne was a Trump Supporter.

“I’m Upset” appears on Drake’s album Scorpion, dropping June 29. Watch the video below.