Broad City Is Censoring Trump’s Name For New Season

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What do Voldemort and Trump have in common? They’re both monsters; they have a legion of supporters who’ve sworn allegiance to them no matter what the cost to their dignity; and they both invoke self-censorship. While some have taken to calling our President “45,” others are taking a more direct route and yelling out “Fuck ****** *****!”

For season 4 of Broad City, which promises to have political undertones, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are tackling the President with some good, old-fashioned censorship. “There’s no airtime for this orange (person),” Glazer told USA Today. “We bleep his name the whole season.”

While we don’t know how many ****** ***** references there’ll be, we can expect at least a small tiny handful from the duo who included a Hillary Clinton cameo in last year’s season. In lieu of a cameo from #45, Broad City’s new season will feature everyone from RuPaul and Steve Buscemi to Shania Twain and Wanda Sykes when it premieres on August 23rd.