BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Haunting New Vesper Wood Single ‘Carson’


Like many artists, Christina Wood finds solace in her work. Indeed, her upcoming debut solo album Instar, slated for release on March 1, under her new moniker Vesper Wood, specifically addresses a pair of topics – fertility and women’s health – that have been foremost in her life of late. And with her hauntingly beautiful new single “Carson” (which BlackBook premieres here) she reminds us all that time has the power to heal.

“Maybe there is a healing presence to the album,” she says of the record’s character. “A protective spirit. Over the past year I was working through a lot of personal things…and making this [album] really helped me to process.”

Listeners may recognize her voice from her time as one half of the UK electro-pop duo Kaleida – their song “Think” was famously featured on the John Wick soundtrack. Now, she’s gone out on her own, and brought some of her arrestingly powerful influences along for the ride: the choral music she sang in the church as a child, Appalachian songs from Kentucky (where her father is from), and her admiration for the Icelandic goddess Björk.



Hymnal and catchy, the album gives Wood the chance to broach topics weighing heavily on the minds of women everywhere. Which was the point of it all.

“It’s important to me that we have the ability to talk about it,” she explains. “And maybe there’s a healing feminine spirit to [this record].”

On “Carson,” specifically, her voice is both shimmery and tinged with sadness. Though it’s clear she’s passing through some difficult times, it’s not without hope. The future, no doubt, holds new possibilities.

“The track is an ode to my Southern childhood,” she says. “It has an American, nostalgic feel for me…and I tried to keep the production simple to mirror that.”

Vesper Wood will play two New York shows, at Arlene’s Grocery on March 6, and Trans-Pecos on the 8th.

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