BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Thought-Provoking New Transviolet Video for ‘Bad Intentions’

Image by Taylor Lewis


We were first taken in by Transviolet‘s visual prowess when we premiered their video for “The Hamptons” a year ago. But since their self-titled debut EP, the charismatic, LA-based electro-pop quartet have also made fans of the likes of Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, and Harry Styles.

Now they’re back with a fierce new single, “Bad Intentions,” and its accompanying video, which BlackBook premieres here. The scene is a trendy nightclub somewhere out there in clubland, with the males, as happens, being overly aggressive towards the women. Over a sultry hip-hop beat and lush atmospherics (while recording, they were “listening to a lot of Blondie and The Weeknd”), singer Sarah McTaggart decries, “Are you trying to get me drunk? / Are you trying to get me high? / I don’t give a fuck about your bad intentions.” Definitely a message for our times.

“As women,” she explains, “I’d bet most of us grow up being told how to defend ourselves from an inevitable evil lurking in dark alleys and unattended cocktails. Director Patricia Gloum and I wanted to imagine an alternate universe where that wasn’t a thing – where creeps were cancelled.”

No word yet on a full album, but the band are in recording mode – so we can only hope.




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