BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Poignant New Taali Video for ‘Los Angeles’

20Images by Karston Tannis


Singer-songwriter and co-founder of Rainbow Blonde records Taali doesn’t stay put for too long. For good reason of course – she’s busy these days, especially with just having returned from her #IAmHereTrip, touring with husband José James, spanning from desert sands to Memphis trolley-cars to Blue Ridge Mountains snow fall. She’s finally landed back in her once home of Manhattan, in time to prep for a new album, out on March 22, and appropriately titled I Am Here.

And that “here” for her latest video (which BlackBook is premiering) was “Los Angeles” – also the title of her new single. Yet another creative partnership with regular collaborator writer-director Madelyn Deutch (she also directed the visual stunner “Hear You Now”), we play witness as Taali gathers the strength to say goodbye.



“I watched the city bloom / and in the midst of all the elements / I said goodbye to you,” she intones wistfully. Her soft yet powerful voice rolls like a fog as she rests forlornly on sea foam colored sheets, brushes her teeth, and puts on a slip dress and robe to head to a nearby market.

Cut with footage highly familiar to any Angeleno – mid-century apartment buildings, bougainvillea, an abandoned curbside sofa – the video both drips with melancholy and shimmers with possibility. And surely her return to New York City will be full of the latter.

Not a bad note to leave on…



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