BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Soulful New Mako Single ‘Murder’

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Human relationships can sometimes be, well…murder. At least that’s what the new Mako single “Murder” – which BlackBook premieres here – is trying to get across.

The musical alter-ego of LA DJ Alex Seaver has been in existence since 2011 – but 2016 brought a first big breakthrough in the form of debut album Hourglass (via Ultra). There’s no official release date yet on the follow-up full-length, but this new song certainly intrigues in regards to future direction. Combining 80s-style soul vibes with haunting atmospherics and Seaver’s sultry, expressive vocal style, it’s lyrical allegations are nothing if not unambiguous.

“The way you look so perfect / You get away with murder,” he indicts the song’s subject.


Image by Daniel Batalles


“I wrote ‘Murder’ in London during my last trip overseas,” he recalls. “I felt like I had something special, something I could embrace a darker, cinematic side with. I wrote the piano line immediately and started referencing left field material and film scores, like Jonny Greenwood’s There Will Be Blood, for textural inspiration. A lot of that headspace flies in the background, especially in the chorus.”

It certainly shows in the cinematic qualities of the song’s lush soundscape. Does this indeed mark something of a new direction?

“Much of my upcoming album is incredibly solitary,” he reveals, “but I’m really excited to have walked through ‘Murder’ in a far more collaborative space than usual.  Knowing me, [I’ll be getting ready to record] a full orchestra for new versions.”