BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Sexy, Exuberant New NightPulse Single ‘The Rush’

Image by Lindsey Byrnes


Lena Zawaideh was famously the drummer for the Bad Things – which featured Olympic gold-medal snowboarder Shaun White on guitar, and toured with the likes of Phantogram and 30 Seconds to Mars.

But adopting the decidedly sensual moniker NightPulse, she has notably launched a solo career, with her 2017 debut song “Delirious” (along with its Lindsey Byrnes directed video) revealing a penchant for cool, ’80s referencing disco-pop. But it’s her latest single “Rush” (from her upcoming self-titled EP), which BlackBook premieres here, that genuinely conveys the depths of her talents.

The sultry, exuberant electro-pop gem, with its blippy-bleepy new wave synths (think: early Depeche Mode), lyrically reads like a philosophical manifesto, of sorts. Indeed, she reflectively, retroactively confesses, “I may be going nowhere, but I’ll get there fast / I want to stay high, I never want to come back down.”

“It’s about chasing elusive highs,” she admits. “Eventually, the thrill wears off and we’re back at, or worse than where we started. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. ‘The Rush’ takes us through the journey to insanity – from the highs to the lows and back again.”

Who ever thought sanity could be so sexy?


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