BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Sensual New Chrysta Bell Single ’52 Hz’



Our adoration for Chrysta Bell is one of the world’s worst kept secrets. Indeed, from premiering her striking video for “All the Things” back in 2014, to having her take us through her Oakland day-in-the-life last September, we can’t get enough of the Twin Peaks star and David Lynch muse’s inimitable magic.

This Friday, her new self-titled EP will be released – the recording of which saw her return to her home state of Texas, to work with bandmate and fellow Texan Chris Smart. A darkly lavish advance track, “Undertow,” gave an early taste of the EP, its opulent Southern gothic sweep proving positively chill-inducing. And today BlackBook premieres the far more primal new single “52 Hz,” which, with its flanged guitars and Chrysta’s alluringly sensual vocal performance recall Siouxsie & the Banshees, as filtered through a sort of surf-noir aesthetic.

The mysterious title?

“It’s taken from the well documented story of the world’s loneliest whale,” she intriguingly reveals, “who is the only one of its species who uses the 52 Hz frequency – making verbal communication with others of its kind impossible. Does this mighty creature roam the vast sea calling in vain for a mate that will never hear the call? So much longing and hope for a clear signal of connection in an ocean of disappointment regretfully mirrors the human search for true love.”

Chrysta’s elegantly stirring live performances are not to be missed. And she will embark on a 20-date European tour on April 4 in Athens, with stops in Paris, Rome, Warsaw, Stockholm, before concluding April 28 in Tampere, Finland.


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