BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Scottish Songstress Elle Exxe’s Fierce New Single ‘Catapult’


Elle Exxe is no pop cliche. Indeed, the charismatic Scottish singer-songwriter-rapper-pianist came up through the underground to win raves from The Guardian and The Quietus, while Sugarscape enthused that she “packs more punch than an average boxing match.” She’s drawn comparisons to Charli XCX – but, safe to say, she’s way more fierce.

Her new single “Catapult,” which BlackBook premieres here, certainly proves all the critics right. It mixes lush but fuzzed out synths, fractured beats and her sneeringly sexy, but genuinely alluring vocals. And not one to be taken for granted, her lyrics demand and command respect: “Shoot like a catapult / Tell me where you stand / Stand up!”

“I don’t want to be a second-rate version of someone else,” she insists. “The people who love me and love what I do have taught me there’s nothing more powerful than someone who knows who they are and isn’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in…and that’s me now. I don’t feel my job as a pop artist is to make myself or anyone else feel comfortable.”

One would do well to take her seriously, of course.

Oh, and get the name? It’s “excel,” inverted.

N.B  Should you find yourself in the UK in late November / early December, she’ll be doing several live dates from Brighton to Glasgow to London. For our part, we can’t wait for her to bring all that fierceness over here early next year.





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