BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Sarah Jaffe’s Haunting New Video For ‘No Worries’

Photo by Lindsey Byrnes; Illustration by John Lisle


We’ve been in love with Sarah Jaffe for as long as we can remember. After all, what’s not to love in a Texas girl with a retro new wave predilection?

She’s got an amazing new album, the tellingly titled Bad Baby – NPR described it as “a mission statement for a singer-songwriter who’s all about finding deeper meaning in the gray areas of modern life.” The title track is synth-pop nirvana.

But perhaps our fave track is the anxiously cool “No Worries,” which is Sarah at her glorious best: moody, ennui-laden atmospherics, irresistible hooks, and those languorously sexy vocals (the 80s-chic electro-handclaps are a definite bonus). It’s got a bit of Depeche Mode darkness, a bit of Talking Heads strangeness.



The fittingly noir-ish video, which BlackBook premieres here, is a bit of psychological mindwarp, with a seemingly emotionally numbed Jamie Lyons walking mysteriously in the dark while John Lisle’s curious abstract illustrations dance enigmatically across the screen (he also did the album artwork). Directed by Melanie and Des Smith, it is tightly edited by Jaffe’s “insanely talented brother in law, Anthony Longoria.”

“In past experiences with music videos,” she explains, “I’ve learned that so much can be translated with not a lot of movement or storyline, that less is more. Jamie did a lot of walking in the cold, as we shot this last winter, and on camera she’s just a quiet force. So stunning.”

She concludes, “A special shout out to my Astro Van and my lovely group of friends shivering in the cold outside of it.”

Jaffe launches a mini tour tonight at Davenport’s Gas Feed & Seed Festival, eventually joining the B-52s’ Cindy Wilson for several West Coast dates.


11.9.2017 | The Village Theater – GAS Fest | Davenport
11.11.2017 | Longhorn Ballroom – Edge of TX | Dallas
11.13.2017 | 3TEN @ ACL Live w/ Cindy Wilson | Austin
11.15.2017 | Wheelhouse w/ S1 as The Dividends | Dallas
12.5.2017 | Globe Hall w/ Overcoats | Denver
12.7.2017 | Chop Suey w/ Cindy Wilson | Seattle
12.8.2017 | The Railway w/ Cindy Wilson | Vancouver
12.9.2017 | Star Theatre w/ Cindy Wilson | Portland
12.11.2017 | Café Du Nord w/ Cindy Wilson | San Francisco
12.12.2017 | The Echo w/ Cindy Wilson | Los Angeles

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