BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: Richie the Barber Stars in New Foster the People Video for ‘Worst Nites’

Image by Neil Krug


We recently had the pleasure of bringing together Foster the People‘s Mark Foster with The Knocks for an exclusive interview, as their recent collaboration, “Ride or Die,” was climbing up the charts. But the singer never stopped being busy with his own band, touring North and South America this autumn…and scoring another certified platinum hit in the form of “Sit Next To Me.”  (From their 2017 album Sacred Hearts Club.)

Their exhilarating new single “Worst Nites” is pretty much what the title says it is: a celebration of decadent nights out in a hedonistic Los Angeles, with Mark lyrically proclaiming, “Startin’ it up after dark / Chasin’ thoughts, cruisin’ through Echo Park / Joined the vultures eatin’ paradise / Gettin’ tilted, yeah, we’ll pay the price (But ain’t it nice?).” The music perfectly matches the vibe, with its infectious, celebratory disco-funk grooves, punchy, synthesized horn blasts and sultry atmospherics.

The accompanying Mark Foster directed video, which BlackBook premieres here, features tattooed, pranking clown Richie the Barber (famous for confetti-bombing Jennifer Lopez and the Kardashians). His participation, it turns out, was a deal breaker.



“This music video’s inception came from a short film Josh Hutcherson and I wrote about a year ago,” Foster explains. “I’ve been obsessively keeping tabs on Richie the Barber for the last six years or so – the idea hinged on him being the lead. I called Josh about a week before we shot the film and asked if he’d be open to adapting this for our next music video, as opposed to a short. Within six days we put together a team, scouted locations, casted, and finished shooting.”

It also proved something of a cultural education for Foster, who seems to have aspirations tilting towards “Modern Renaissance Man.” Hutcherson, a talented director in his own right, sort of mentored him through it.

“I’ve been obsessed with film my whole life,” Mark reveals, “but haven’t been ready to step into a director’s role until this year. Richie and the cast all worked super hard learning the choreography in a day. The video wouldn’t have worked without their passion.”

He continues, “This story is a metaphor for not being afraid to embrace who you really are. We are living in a world where we’re engulfed in pressure to conform, and there’s an immense freedom that comes with taking ownership over what makes you unique. And sorry if you hate clowns. We love them.”

Foster the People will be appearing at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Thursday, December 6.



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